Discover the troubling fate of your Far Cry 5 character in New Dawn


Far Cry New Dawn was released today and takes place in a familiar setting: Hope County, Montana, at the same location as Far Cry 5. New Dawn is almost twenty years after the end of Far Cry 5, as survivors of the nuclear war are trying to rebuild their lives and society. While exploring the world of New Dawn, you will meet some familiar characters, the people you met and helped in Far Cry 5. They are older and grayer now, but they are still alive.

The biggest question is, what about your own Far Cry 5 character? What happened to the rookie MP whose attempted arrest of the leader of the murderous cult, Joseph Seed, launched chaos in Hope County? The latest news is that nuclear weapons were leaving and your recruit was trained in a bunker with Seed. What happened next?

Some of the answers can be found in New Dawn. Obviously, there will be big spoilers for Far Cry New Dawn below, so stop reading if you do not want to know.

In an effort to fight the New Dawn Highwaymen, a friendly settlement character from Prosperity will suggest calling on Eden's Gate, the remnants of Far Cry's cult 5. They live far from land, far in the north after basically giving up the technology. They carry animal skins and hunt with bows and arrows. Basically, they went prehistoric. When you first attempt a conversation with them, you are greeted in silence by a masked person who will not let you in.

Only later, after undertaking a quest to find a book of Joseph Seed's writings, you will be allowed to enter, again by the masked figure. Joseph Seed's son directs things to Eden & # 39; s Gate, and later, the masked figure, known as Judge, will become one of your companions.

The judge never speaks. Attempting to speak to them only gives vague hisses, as if they had no more tongue. And when you explore the bunker on what's left of the Netherlands island, you'll find notes here and there, probably written during the time your Far Cry character spent with Joseph, trapped underground .

"God tells you," reads a note. "If I listen to you, it's good, and right, and I can help, and I can save people, and rectify things, and everything will be fine.If I judge as your judge, the judgment is right and just, the judgment is the Word of God, I see now, I am very sorry. "

"If you like, give me a mask, I'm afraid."

"Thank you, Joseph, thank you Father."

Well, it's a huge disappointment. I mean, of course, Joseph was right about the end of the world, but he was still a loafer, a fool and a murderer. But stuck in the bunker with him for maybe years, it seems like your Far Cry 5 character has finally started to see things like Joseph. The judge is who has become your character.

You will find more evidence to support this. Bring the judge with you to Roughneck & # 39; s Crag, in the northwest corner of the map. Like the 8-Bit Pizza Bar of Far Cry 5, Roughneck's Crag is the place where your companions hang out together when they do not follow you. Spend some time there and Pastor Jerome and Hurk will talk to the judge (one-way conversation since the judge does not speak). They will talk about the good old days and what the judge has since become. Carmina Rye, the daughter of Nick Rye (born during Far Cry 5) will thank the judge for helping his parents and, back in Prosperity, Nick seems to know the judge too.

So that's what became your character, Far Cry's rookie. 5. Washed the brain by the endless buzz of Joseph Seed, still masked, never speaking (I guess you never spoke in the game but I'm convinced I do not have a language anymore), and if they're opposed to technology, they will not even be able to get into a car anymore. We knew that Far Cry 5 had a dark end, but it makes it even darker.


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