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Discovery to boldly pass a third season

Photo: Michael Gibson (CBS)

Good news for Star Trek fans – and also people who just stay amused at the idea of ​​Tig Notaro, hero of the Bona Fide space – but CBS confirmed today that his success in streaming Star Trek: Discovery will come back for a third season. With regard to shocking big news, this is not the case; Discovery is the flagship product of the recent CBS and Paramount campaign to revive Star Trek on television, including two animated series, a short film anthology and Patrick Stewart Picard but it is always good to know that the adventures of Michael Burnham and his teammates / captains will continue.

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery doubled on the narrative formula of the show, which attempts to weld a structure of "mystery show" of modern style on classical hiking tropes, tantalizing audiences with clues about Burnham's brother, Spock, "Red Angels", and also, again, Tig Notaro as a crooked Starfleet engineer. hiking movie author (and, let's never forget, director of The Mummy) Alex Kurtzman has taken over as showrunner of the series this year, after a controversial first season afflicted by the dreaded syndrome of Bryan Fuller Bailing. He will be officially joined as co-host next season by The originalsMichelle Paradise, who signed for Discovery during the second half of season two. Meanwhile, the phobia streaming could also be lucky; Producers in the series have begun to express vague plans to broadcast rebroadcasts of the series on CBS itself at an undetermined later date.


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