DISH Double on the cord cut with AirTV 2


DISH is at the forefront of cable cutting technologies. He launched Sling TV's first OTT aggregator and, more recently, unveiled home equipment for antenna television. DISH clearly continues to take off in this space while an AirTV 2 has just passed through the FCC.

The question is: what kind of AirTV will it be? They currently sell two separate AirTV models:

  • AirTV PlayerAn Android TV box with all the expected applications more OTA tuning functions, connected directly to the TV such as a Roku TV or Fire.
  • AirTVA-based Slingbox-based network tuner, similar to HDHomeRun or Tablo, which broadcasts OTA in Sling TV applications on other set-top boxes (or mobile devices)

Both AirTV models are currently popular, which gives no clue in any sense … unless the new box is a fusion of existing boxes, designed to replace both. The FCC documentation is a bit complicated in the analysis of AirTV 2 and the database itself is offline for maintenance this weekend. Not to mention that I have no information from other sources, which suggests that it could run out some time before publication.

UPDATE: It turns out that SatelliteGuys.US attended a sneak preview of AirTV 2 and confirms that it is adopting the approach of the network tuner to record live TV on the Sling TV app on various platforms with or without a subscription to the Sling TV service. In addition, a USB drive can be added for the capabilities of the DVR. The new dual tuner box, with improved WiFi, is expected to come out in July. Thank you Scott!

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