Disney-Fox: Televisions largely spared by the first wave of dismissals at the exit of Mark Kaner


The bloodshed in Fox's film division, which has seen an exodus of senior executives, has not spread to the television activities of the merged companies.

As expected, the first significant cuts in the television sector were recorded in the distribution sector, which is still vulnerable to consolidation. Mark Kaner, president of 20th Century Fox Television Distribution, Fox's autonomous division, is the only notable name we've heard so far. He joins Greg Meidel, president of the syndication division Twentieth Television, who left on Thursday.

Although the expanded distribution area as well as the back-office functions will continue to be affected and we will likely see some TV layoffs by the end of today or Monday, only a few some should be part of the Disney-Fox programming teams, which had been left intact until now.

First, the increase in the production of television content is the key to Disney's strategy to make its direct-to-consumer platform a Netflix competitor. Second, the side of the film saw two major studios at the same level trying to merge under the direction of Walt Disney Studios. The structure of this division was unveiled only after the sharp fall of the ax yesterday.

On television, Disney unveiled the post-merger structure well in advance. Fox's top executives Peter Rice and Dana Walden and his team of senior executives at 20th Century Fox / Fox 21 have moved. ABC Studios is smaller and smaller than the 20th TV channel, making its integration easier than the merger of the two movie studios.

Nevertheless, there will be some immediate cuts and probably more in the future. (For the moment, with the two TV studios focusing on the pilot season and their cable / streaming series, the labels will continue to operate quite autonomously under the supervision of Craig Hunegs.)

Like Meidel, Kaner was a veteran of the Fox who had close ties with the Murdoch family. He was responsible for the sale of 20th Century Fox and 20th Century Fox's international television series, and was a staple of May's international screenings.

We will post updates as news about layoffs arrives.


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