Disney named defendant in lawsuit against Fox theme park

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In 2013, 20th Century Fox announced the creation of its first theme park in Malaysia, in the hope that it could use advanced technology to compete with Disney. Then Fox was bought … and merged with Disney. Now that the merger is two weeks from completion, the construction of the park is uncertain.

According to Variety, resort company Genting Malaysia Berhad has filed a $ 1 billion lawsuit against Fox and Disney, alleging that Fox was trying to withdraw from the deal since the summer. announcement of the merger with Disney. Genting is the owner of the Genting Highlands Resort, where the Fox theme park is under construction. The complex houses a casino, several hotels and a shopping center. Genting is also responsible for the 20th Century Fox World theme park, which licenses Fox's intellectual property.

In the lawsuit, Genting also claims that Disney took the lead in the project and that the group is trying to stop the deal because the park would be located near a casino, stating that "Disney did not want any association with a gaming company like [Genting] because of Disney's "family-friendly" branding strategy. To cancel the agreement, according to the lawsuit, would force Genting to make accelerated payments for the Fox license and "protect existing Disney parks from increased competition and" protect "its" families ". friendly brand ".

The park has already experienced many delays, pushing it well beyond its original 2016 opening date. Genting says Fox has used these delays to justify its withdrawal. In addition, they claim that Fox is responsible for most delays, refusing approval of certain items and withdrawing previously agreed approval for others. According to the lawsuit, digital assets for the Ice Age Fox did not provide a franchise, forcing Genting to recreate the characters from scratch. At the same time, Fox did not support Genting in its efforts to obtain the rights to the clips of the Planet of the Apes series of Charlton Heston's estate.

Recently, Fox issued a notice of default, requiring the park to open within 30 days, otherwise they would break the agreement, forcing Genting to file a complaint. The park is expected to open next year.

Fox refused to comment on the costume. Given the evolution of things, it is expected that the park will not open at all and become a collateral damage as a result of the Disney-Fox agreement.


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