Disney relaunches Lucasfilm Games while EA trembles with "Star Wars"

It is not certain that the new Lucasfilm games can be launched seriously. PCGamesN noted that there might be a good reason to choose this name instead of LucasArts, more contemporary, though. After buying Lucasfilm, DisneyArts kept LucasArts as licensor. Therefore, he may not want to be on guard when he resumes the development of games internally.

This decision comes as doubts mounted over EA's exclusive rights to Star wars Games. The publisher has only published two Star wars games in the six years since the transaction, both in the Battlefront series – and Battlefront II left a bad taste in people's mouths while EA's penchant for payment mechanisms to win effectively destroyed the progress of the game. The company also gained a reputation for game cancellation and the jury s 'expresses on Respawn. Jedi: Fallen Order until its first at the end of 2019. Simply speaking, Star wars Games development is slowing down at a frenetic pace under EA surveillance and leaves many people wondering if they spoil the opportunity.

This does not necessarily mean that Lucasfilm Games is about to override EA. The EA exclusive is supposed to last until 2023, and any internal studio will probably take a few years to release its first game. However, this could indicate that Disney is not entirely satisfied with its dependence on third party and wants to take more control over the future of securities based on its brands.

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