Disney reportedly pulled YouTube ads following the controversy over the exploitation of children

Disney would have completely removed its YouTube commercials as a result of a new controversy regarding a series of new videos featuring the kids' exploitation on the site.

A report of Bloomberg declares that Disney has "withheld his expenses" on YouTube as a result of the creator's explainer Matt Watson, which shows how predators use children's videos to exploit them sexually. Disney joins Fortnite developer Epic Games and Nestle to remove his ads from the platform. (Epic withdrew his Fortnite Pre-display ads that appear before a video plays.) Other companies, including Peloton, have asked YouTube to investigate the situation.

Although predatory behavior has been a problem on YouTube for some time, many of these new videos have been exposed through Watson's video. Watson has shown that looking for something like "the transported bikini" can often lead to children's exploitation videos. The comment sections are filled with predators timestamping parts of a video that sexualizes children in the scene. These videos are not pornographic, but they circulate between predators. Watson's video was quickly circulated online and a long post on Reddit remained on the front page for several hours.

A YouTube spokesperson has already been informed The edge, "We acted immediately by removing accounts and channels, reporting any illegal activity to the authorities and disabling comments violated," to the question regarding Watson's video. A spokesperson for YouTube said The edge the statement has not changed since. The edge contacted Disney for comments, and we'll update this post if we have any news.

"All content – including comments – endangering minors is odious and we have clear policies banning this on YouTube," the spokesman said. "There is still a lot of work to be done and we continue to work to improve and catch the abuse faster."

YouTube has allowed advertisers to better control the location of their videos in recent years, following a series of disturbing videos aired with ads. Advertisers have threatened to pull ads after disruptive content has been shown on the platform with ads attached. Business concerns only increased when PewDiePie, YouTube's most popular creator, struggled after being covered by a video containing antisemitic images. PewDiePie was dropped by Disney's Maker Studios, a multichannel network that collaborated with many YouTube creators following the incident.

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