Disney + will present the entire Disney & # 39; vault & # 39; in his streaming service


Looks like the happiest place on Earth might soon be your couch.

Bob Iger, president and CEO of Walt Disney Company, announced Friday that Disney's new streaming service, Disney +, will include "the entire Disney movie library."

Although Disney + is not available until the end of the year 2019, it seems that the streaming service will appeal to Disney lovers, young and old, with its selection of shows and movies. In addition to all of your favorite Disney classic movies, the streaming service will also feature Pixar and Marvel movies, as well as new movies and shows.

But all does not end well and the wishes do not come true: the launch of the streaming service actually means the end of Disney content on other platforms, such as Netflix.

It also means the end of the "Disney safe", the name of the vast collection of Disney movies that would only be available as physical copies for short periods. The entire collection will now be available in streaming once Disney + is launched.

"The service, which I mentioned earlier will be launched later in the year, will combine what we call library products, movies and television, with a lot of original products, movies and television, "said Iger, reported by


. "And shortly after its launch, it will contain the entire Disney film library, so the movies you're talking about have traditionally been kept in a" safe "and come out pretty much every few years to come. then, of course, we produce a number of original films and original television shows that will carry the Disney brand. "

A price for the service has not been announced, but

CNET said

it should be cheaper than Netflix.

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