Disney would be preparing to buy a massive gaming business


Disney may soon be making waves in the video game world with the acquisition of Nexon, a Korean mobile gaming and mobile gaming company, under a $ 13.2 billion deal given to the company. huge gaming company. The Korean newspaper, The Central Times, said Nexon chairman of the board, Jung-ju Kim, the majority owner of 98 percent of the company, had recently contacted a "senior Disney representative" to to conclude an agreement. would see him leave the company for a big salary.

Apparently, the president of Nexon has been looking to sell his stake in the company since January, when a short list of contenders was also established. However, Kim would be a big fan of Disney. It would not be surprising to see him put pressure on them.

Although many people in the west may not know who Nexon is, it is a major player in the sector because of its presence in South Korea and Japan. The company, founded in 1994, employs approximately 7,000 people and manages approximately 80 titles in the region. He has many things to do, but he is perhaps best known for his presence in the mobile space and for the publication of the MapleStory series.

As to why Disney would be interested in acquiring it, it could be to locate in these regions or to enter the mobile phone market. He might also want it just because he likes to make money and, of course, we already know that Disney likes to buy things.

In any case, at present, no official statement from Disney or Nexon has been communicated on the acquisition, nor on the fact that both parties even speak of an agreement. And even if it is likely that this report is accurate, who knows what can happen. Business happens all the time.

Thank you, Korea Herald.


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