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Division 2 details the free downloadable content of the first year in a new trailer – Game Rant

It will not be long before players wait impatiently Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will be able to get an idea of ​​how the future action-RPG game will play thanks to Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment who are organizing an open beta this weekend. Of course, some wonder if the third-person shooter will be able to provide players with a substantial amount of content to maintain at the time of launch and beyond.

That said, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have released a new trailer detailing what players should expect from Division 2The first-year DLC, containing new campaigns, specializations, game modes and more end-of-game content, will be added throughout 2019. In addition, the publisher and developer have promised that all post-launch media in the first year would be free. and accessible to everyone who owns the basic game.

Just after Division 2 will be available, the game will receive a free update that adds Tidal Basin, a faction fortress controlled by the enemy group known as Black Tusk. After that, the title will receive the first eight-player raid in franchise history, called Operation Dark Hours. Then, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will publish three "episodes", content updates providing additional stories and missions, as well as new PvP and PvE modes. In addition, each episode will add a new agent specialization with its own signature weapon.

Episode 1 is nicknamed "D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions ", and he will come to Division 2 at some point in the summer of 2019. The autumn of 2019 will see the release of episode 2, entitled "Pentagon: The Last Castle". An episode 3, which has not yet been named, should be available in the winter of 2019. According to the trailer, the third episode "will close the first chapter of Division 2"History, and pave the way for even more content."

It's really great to see Division 2 has already put in place a road map for its post-launch content and that all material will be free for those who choose to obtain downloadable content. Those who wish to get even more benefits, however, can do it by purchasing the One Year Pass at $ 40.

Division 2The An Year Pass will provide instant access to final stage specializations and seven day advance access to all episodes of the first year. In addition, it contains exclusive cosmetics, bonuses and additional projects and eight classified missions that provide more history behind the events that led to the arrival of the player's character at Washington D.C.

The division of Tom Clancy Must be released on March 15, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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