Division 2 on PS4 has a capacity of 92 GB and a huge patch of 80 GB the day


When is all said and done, Division 2 Its throughput will reach 92 GB on PS4, which is almost double the size of the installation on other platforms.


The games of today are absolutely huge, especially Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4and Halo 5: Guardians and The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, with a capacity of about 100 GB. Live games tend to become huge over time, thanks to tons of updates and loss of content, but some, like The Division 2, will be quite gigantic from the start. In one recent FAQ message, Ubisoft confirms that PS4 copies of The Division 2 for retail will require a huge patch on day one that will take between 88 and 92 GB. This adds up to the 44.97 GB required for the installation of base of the game

Fortunately, the massive first day patch actually replaces a large number of original installation files instead of combining them into a glut of overloaded hard disk data. According to Ubisoft, the total size of the Division 2 installation will require between 88GB and 92GB of storage on PS4 after the update. Even in this case, The Division 2 will occupy nearly 20% of the hard disk of 500 GB of a PS4 series.

Anyone who has tried the beta should also download or reinstall the full game as well as the fix for the first day. A second patch Update Title Update 1.5 will be available on March 11 for the Gold and Ultimate Edition versions of the game, which increases the size of the 2GB installation.

"If you have purchased a physical copy of the game, start the installation from the disk.If you are online, your console will simultaneously download Title Update 1 while you install it." Expect a download 88-92 GB, depending on your region and the language of your choice.

"Whether it is installed from a disk or downloaded digitally, the final size of the hard drive installation will be between 88 and 92 GB."

Division 2 will be available on March 15, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but anyone who pre-orders the Gold or Ultimate editions will have access on March 12.

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