Dixie D’Amelio apologizes for TikTok video “Tone Deaf” amid feud

The D’Amelios were again criticized. On Saturday, November 21, Dixie D’Amelio apologized for posting a “dumb” TikTok video in an attempt to defend her younger sister, Charli, who was questioned for her behavior and comments in their recent “Dinner with D ‘Video Amelios. ”Dixie’s TikTok was aimed at YouTube star Trisha Paytas, who had joined the online backlash against the famous sisters.

In several videos on his own TikTok account, Paytas had called Dixie and Charli “titled” and “inappropriate” after watching the video of their family dinner. Dixie obviously took issue with the criticisms, as she responded by posting a since-deleted video recalling a past Paytas controversy: the YouTuber rapping on NWA’s “F * ck the Police” and using the N word in 2010. Dixie danced to the cover in his TikTok. “I couldn’t find the sound for this dance, so I picked one at random,” Dixie wrote captioned the video, according to Insider. “I hope it’s going !! Anyway let’s come back to the RENEGADE !!”

In the comments, Dixie added that she “didn’t want to promote a racist sound” but “I made my point. It’s done. It’s over. And Charli is a queen. Good night.” Despite her preemptive defense of herself, older sister D’Amelio – who like Paytas is white – was later criticized by black social media users and influencers like Jackie Aina, who said she was “trivializing and made a joke about the trauma of blacks ”. for the sake of “prov[ing] a point.” Paytas also slammed Dixie for the video., writing on Twitter that she recorded the cover “10 years ago and has since apologized on several occasions.” However, she added that Dixie “danced and smiled at her Yesterday!” before asking, “Where’s your excuses? Not cool in 2020 girl.”

Finally, on November 21, D’Amelio apologized for the video in a post on Twitter. “I posted a tiktok with the intention of making a point that didn’t need to be emphasized,” the social media star wrote. “I pulled it down and I sincerely apologize for posting it in the first place and I’m so grateful to everyone. I wish you all a great weekend and thank you again for your love and support. ” After one of her supporters attempted to defend her in a since-deleted tweet, Dixie pointed out in a follow-up post that “it was stupid and deaf” of him to respond with this clip.

Dixie and Charli have been at the center of the controversy since the first episode of their new YouTube series, Dinner with the D’Amelios, was posted on November 16. In the video, the couple and their parents – along with “mystery guest” James Charles – sat down for a surprise meal prepared by their chef, Aaron May. After the clip was posted, the sisters were called out for showing “bad manners” at the table, with Dixie gagging and spitting out food and Charli asking to be served “Dino Nuggets” instead.

Charli also complained about not having reached 100 million TikTok subscribers in a year, despite the number one video on the app. (She has since lost over 800,000 subscribers in response to the controversy.) Following the backlash from the public, Dixie posted a TikTok where she attempted to explain “the whole story” of the video, in which she claimed that her team and the chef had intentionally encouraged her to eat the snail as a prank to elicit a reaction. “I love Chef, and I would never disrespect him in any way, and maybe I don’t judge someone’s personality on a 15 second video,” she said. in the clip.

Charli offered her own apologies on Instagram Live and YouTube, before speaking about the amount of hate she received as a result of the controversy. “Blatant disrespect for the fact that I am a human being is not acceptable. You may hate me for everything I have done, but the fact that this is all happening because of a misunderstanding,” a- she said, in tears. “I just feel like it’s not OK.”

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