Do Kim Kardashian's children listen?

Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star and a well-known name, queen of the fashion world, entrepreneur, wife of a rap legend Kanye West and mother of three children. For her children, she is simply an extraordinary mother.

Kardashian and West are the parents of North, age 5, Saint, age 3, and Chicago, age 1. The celebrity couple also expects their fourth child through a surrogate mother. Although money can solve most problems, it does not allow children to get along and, let's face it, everyone who has grown up with a brother or sister knows that it is not a guarantee of becoming best friends. So what about Kim Kardashian's kids? S & # 39; they hear? Here is what we know.

Kim Kardashian worried that her children would not hear

On her TV show, Kim recently stated that she feared her children would not hear. Despite being close to her sisters, the world has seen many The amazing Kardashian family where tensions would increase between them. Of course, this is only natural when you have grown up with so many brothers and sisters. In the end, however, they have always been incredibly close – and that's exactly what Kim wants for her kids.

As you get older, children get closer

In a recent interview, Kim said that her children had started to bond and get closer as they grew up. Kim said: "[I] do not worry about them along, because for my sisters and I were so close to growing up and of course we are still so … I want them to be too! But they are starting to get closer now that [North] may include [Saint] in his jokes. "

They made an epic April joke

Kim said her The eldest daughter, North, is a big joker. Last April, North and his little brother, Saint, worked together to make an epic farce that their father, Kanye, did not like. They even managed to chain their mother with them!

North "took ketchup in my bathroom and begged me to let her lay on it, as well as on the bathroom, as if it was a bad movie. horror. Then she asked me to go to bed. Kim thought her daughter was about to say that she had been hurt, but that was not her plan at all! Big sister taught her little brother how to pretend to cry! Then North told Saint to start shouting "Mom is dead!"

What was Kanye's reaction? Kim says he "ran upstairs and looked like kids, it's not funny. This is not a good joke. "Kim took her husband's source and was in complete agreement with him. She could not help. However, be a little "impressed, they planned something together, they heard each other well and had fun together."

The family is extremely important to Kim Kardashian

The reason it means so much Kardashian that his children hear well and are close as they grow up is because the family is incredibly important to her. Kim devotes most of her life to her husband and children. Growing up, Kim had five other siblings, most of whom now have their own children. She wants her children to be close and close to their many cousins ​​as they grow up.

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