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Do not buy these episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode at $ 100 on your Xbox 360

As part of the Telltale Games judgment, the support of Minecraft: Fashion History must end on June 25th. But because of the strangeness with the Xbox Live Shop's operation on the Xbox 360 in particular, the company had to add the episodes to the store for $ 99.99 each, to allow players who already own the download game again. their content before it is permanently deleted, via Polygon.

Obviously, this price is well beyond the price of $ 4.99 that each episode originally ran, but $ 100 per episode here. As the Minecraft: Fashion History A Facebook account explains: "The price displayed is a real catalog price. Do not buy the content. If you do, the amount displayed will be charged. This is simply the only mechanism available to help players download the remaining episodes before the servers shut down. "

Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform has no impact on other platforms. This strange solution requires this weird solution, all the stranger than Microsoft possesses and runs both Minecraft and Xbox. Apparently, despite the almost complete control of the systems at play here, it was the best possible solution.

Once June 25 arrives, the $ 100 listings will be removed again, which will prevent players already owning the game from downloading it again. This means that if you want to play Minecraft: Story Mode again on your Xbox 360, you might want it to start soon.

Or, theoretically, if you do not already have Minecraft: Story Mode but you really want to play it, you can buy the 13 episodes now at a low price of $ 1,299.87.

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