Do not forget the striking words of Daniel Jones in the Giants' camp


In his last remarks to the media before training camp, in six weeks, Pat Shurmur sparked a possible quarterback competition. The Giants coach said Eli Manning was the starter, but the first-round pick, Daniel Jones, is getting ready to play, leaving the door slightly ajar so Jones can at least challenge Manning.

She also eclipsed the words of the former Duke star, whom we must not forget.

"I think I've made a lot of progress since I came here. I should have. That's the way things are going to happen, "said Jones at the last session of activities organized by a spring team, open to the media. "I still have a lot to do, but I'm getting better every day and my situation is certainly better than the one I started."

According to his players and coaches Giants, his debut is impressive. The sixth-row choice does everything it can, Shurmur said, to be ready for the start of the regular season. But Jones does not think either to push Manning to play longer. That, he said, would distract him from the goal, which continues to improve.

"I think during the off season, our goal is only to improve and be better than the day before," Jones said. "It is certainly my state of mind. We are all trying to put ourselves in a position to succeed. My current goal is to be better than the day before. "

This progress has been evident for teammates. Jones does not miss a bad day or a bad game with him. He responds, responding to adversity as a first choice should.

"You can see him becoming more comfortable," said Evan Engram. "You can see him react to some of the mistakes he may have made. Maybe you have a bad pitch, then go out and answer with five good ones. You can certainly see that trust is starting to develop and that its decision-making is [getting better]. "

Jones was coming off a pro style attack at Duke, which gave him a run in advance. The giants obviously run a different system and there is a lot more to master, but there are similarities with what he did at the university. This was helpful when he learned the game book. So he spent all the time that he spent this spring working with his new teammates.

"I think for me, the important thing is to see the defenses and see the routes. How they open up and make those decisions, "Jones said. "For a quarterback, you want to make the right decision as fast as you can. This has a lot to do with defense anticipating coverage and being able to get the ball out on time. I think I have improved with that, but I still have plenty of room to improve. I think that just seeing things and reacting has been improved. "

"The practice and the ability to read and read a concept," he added, "have been something that I've had the chance to learn at the university."

Jones has always impressed Shurmur, to the point that the Giants coach will not rule out a quarterback competition with a double Super Bowl champion.


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