Do not look for the GOP House to challenge Trump on the border wall


Few Republicans at home seem ready to challenge President TrumpDonald John TrumpSchiff urges GOP colleagues to publicly share their concerns about Trump. The US-China trade talks are drawing criticism for the lack of women in pictures. Night Defense: Trump will leave 200 soldiers in Syria | Trump and Kim plan an individual meeting | Pentagon asks DHS to justify transfer of funds for border wall MORE supporting a resolution that would prevent his urgent declaration from building a wall on the Mexican border.

As president Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiOn Money: The Senate appears to want to introduce a resolution blocking Trump's emergency declaration | Banks realized billions of additional profits thanks to GOP tax law | An IRS analyst accused of disclosing Cohen's financial records A Coast Guard lieutenant accused of planning national terrorism has been denied bail On Kim Jong's invitation One in Washington (D-Calif.) Participates in a ground vote on a resolution to block Trump's unilateral act. Most Republicans are about to stand in line to defend their White House ally – despite public concerns about his actions.

The reasons are both practical and political.

With the Democrats in power in the lower house, the Republicans are powerless to block the resolution of disapproval, which will be presented Friday by the representative. Joaquin CastroJoaquin CastroReport of 12:30 on the hill: Trump agrees on a complaint against Smollett Pelosi asks members to support the resolution against the emergency declaration Dems to introduce a measure blocking the declaration of Trump PLUS Emergency (D-Texas).

Perhaps more importantly, polls indicate that Trump's statement enjoys overwhelming support from Republican voters, leaving no protection to the GOP legislator against the president – especially his border security problem.

While some have reservations about the legality of the move – or the possibility that Trump will use dollars for their districts to build the wall – he has little intention of launching a major challenge next year.

"As long as Trump's popularity with Republican voters remains in the 80's to 90's, it's hard to see how the political laws of nature will change," said Doug Heye, former GOP executive assistant and former gatekeeper. of the Republican National Committee. .

Example: Rep. Roger WilliamsJohn (Roger) Roger WilliamsTexas The GOP representative opposes the use of national emergency by Trump to get the border wall The first day of the Congress closing begins with a modest hope The Senate accepts talks of last resort, but no clear path for closure PLUS. This week, at a city hall, a Texas voter asked the Republican of Texas if he supported Trump's emergency declaration.

"No," he responded to applause in the room, according to the Austin-US Statesman. Williams worried that the Trump Wall strategy – which uses $ 3.6 billion for military construction projects – could divert federal funds from Fort Hood in his central Texas district.

His response sparked a wave of headlines highlighting Williams' opposition to Trump; The Democrats quoted Williams as proof that even his usual supporters thought the president had gone too far. Just hours after his appearance at Bee Cave, Texas, the congressman issued a series of tweets stating clearly that he was in Trump's corner and that he would not join the Democrats in their resolution of disapproval.

Trump took action, Williams said, because Congress had failed to secure the border properly. And he said interim Defense Secretary Patrick ShanahanPatrick Michael ShanahanDefender at night: Trump will leave 200 soldiers in Syria | Trump and Kim plan an individual meeting | Pentagon asks DHS to justify transfer of funds for border wall Pentagon asks DHS to justify the transfer of funds for the Trump Trump border wall, Erdogan holds a phone call before the US-Turkish military meeting MORE had appeased some of his concerns by promising that the Trump government would not touch the money of military housing.

"I fully support @POTUS's efforts to secure the border – including through an emergency declaration – in line with the clear intentions of the Democrats to simply reverse the trend and make politics with the United States. safety of Americans, "tweeted Williams.

Earlier this month, five House Republicans with military bases in their yard – Rep. Richard HudsonRichard Lane Hudson Do not look to the House GOP to challenge Trump at the wall of the border. Prohibition tests of assault weapons. Support for Dem., House Dems makes the fight against weapons a top priority. MORE (NORTH CAROLINA.), Tom ColeThomas (Tom) Jeffrey ColeGOP rejects polls showing lost battle at job closure Bottom Line Dems hits GOP in health sector with extra vote on ObamaCare PLUS lawsuit (Ok so.), Mike TurnerMichael Ray TurnerOvernight Defense: Trump declares border emergency | .6B in military construction fund to use for the wall | Trump thinks Obama would have started the war with North Korea | The Pentagon provides help to Venezuelan migrants Dems denounces the EPA's plan to fight against contaminants from drinking water (Ohio), Doug LambornDouglas (Doug) Lamborn Do not Look For GOP House To Challenge Trump Against Border Wall GOP Lawmakers Protest LGBT Protections In New NAFTA Agreement Night Defense: VA Breaking By Confirmation Hearing | House votes to go ahead on the negotiations of a defense bill | Senate bill to introduce "strict" control over North Korean talks MORE (Colo.) And Chris CollinsChristopher (Chris) Carl CollinsThe Hill & # 39; s 12:30 Report: Sanders will upset the 2020 race house. Dems releases the "2020 GOP Retreat to Watch" as part of the fight against AIDS at the national and global levels , it's pushing for more factual services MORE (N.Y.) – sent a joint letter asking Trump not to use funds previously allocated to military construction for the construction of his wall. But none of them is committed to adhering to the Democratic resolution.

Former President of the Armed Forces Mac ThornberryWilliam (Mac) McClellan ThornberryPentagon asks DHS to justify the transfer of funds for the Trump Border Wall. Night Defense: Trump declares border emergency | .6B in military construction fund to use for the wall | Trump thinks Obama would have started the war with North Korea | The Pentagon provides help to Venezuelan migrants that Trump defends using the DOD funds on the wall of borders: "Some generals think it's more important" CONTINUED (R-Texas) is also concerned about Trump's plan to "reprogram" military funding for the construction of its long-sought-after border wall. Such a change, he warned, "would have detrimental consequences for our troops".

However, Thornberry also blames all Democrats, accusing them of "blocking funding" for political purposes – a sign that he is not ready to support an official reprimand from the president.

Even rep. Will HurdWilliam Ballard HurdWhite House, GOP Defends Trump 's Emergency Statement GOP Representative: Trump' s Urgency Statement Places United States in "Unexplored Territory" Immigration groups demand that the benefits of Dreamer are paired with border security PLUS (R-Texas), an immigration reformer in the border districts who warns that Trump's statement "creates a terrible precedent" avoids knowing whether he will support the disapproval resolution.

"I'm always ready to get Congress to reclaim some of that power as an equal branch of government," he told CBS on Sunday, "Face the Nation." "And I'm sure there will be a lot of conversations."

Across the Capitol, the dynamic is different. Senators represent whole states, not smaller, gerrymandered districts in partisan enclaves. And there is a lot of pressure on some GOP senators to support the disapproval resolution when it was sent by the House.

The Hill has identified 10 GOP Senators who could break with Trump, including Sens. Lisa MurkowskiLisa Ann MurkowskiSenate Dems will present a resolution blocking Trump 's emergency declaration. Senator GOP Collins announced that she would support the resolution to block Trump 's emergency declaration. 12:30 am hill report: Trump steps up fight with NY Times PLUS (Alaska), Thom TillisThomas (Thom) Roland TillisThe Hill & # 39; s 12:30 Report: Trump Intensifies Fight Against The NY Times The 10 GOP Senators Likely To Break With Trump In Emergency Dems Is Ready To Aggressively Respond To Trump's urgency order, while GOP wears off MORE (NORTH CAROLINA.), Cory GardnerCory Scott GardnerInvite Kim Jong Un in Washington Dems face a tough vote on the Green New Deal The Hill's 12:30 Report: Trump steps up his fight with the NY Times PLUS (Colo.) And Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyThe legislator opposes Trump's emergency declaration Warren's national child care proposal has a problem ObamaCare Dem's strategist believes that the former spokesman GOP will be an asset for CNN. (Utah).

But it is far from clear that the measure that ends Trump's declaration of urgency will free the Senate.

Until now, the only Republican in Congress who has sworn to join the Democrats is the centrist Sen. Susan CollinsSusan Margaret CollinsOn The Money: The Senate calls for the introduction of a resolution blocking Trump's emergency declaration | Banks realized billions of additional profits thanks to GOP tax law | An IRS analyst accused of disclosing Cohen's financial archives The Senate is asking the government to introduce a resolution blocking Trump's emergency statement The Hill's Morning – What to watch as Mueller's probe comes to an end MORE from Maine. She is expected to face tough reelection in 2020 and said she would support a lawsuit challenging the president's action and that she would vote for the resolution led by Democrats.

The disapproval resolution is considered "privileged" by the 1976 National Emergencies Act, which guarantees both a vote in the Senate and prevents opponents from blocking it with an obstruction. This means that Democratic senators, who should unite, will have to get the support of at least three more Republicans to send the resolution to Trump, who promised a swift veto. Neither chamber should reach the two-thirds majority threshold to cancel a veto.

Following Pelosi, the leader of the Senate minority Chuck SchumerCharles (Chuck) Ellis SchumerGOP The green coup of the Green New Deal is a good deal for Democrats National Emergency Statement – a legal fight that will likely win the House of Magistrates of the House of Representatives of the Judiciary Dems is looking for Answers on the Trump PLUS national emergency declaration (D-N.Y.) Said Thursday that his caucus would soon adopt a resolution identical to the legislation of the House to stop Trump.

"This issue transcends partisan politics, and I urge all senators – Democrats and Republicans – to support this resolution to end the president's urgent declaration during a Senate vote" Schumer said Thursday.

Announced last Friday, Trump 's emergency statement comes after a budget stalemate of several months on the president' s $ 5.7 billion request for the construction of new walls – a non – starter for Democrats. The stalemate led to a five-week government shutdown, the longest in the country's history, and GOP leaders, hoping to avoid a new deadlock, lobbied Trump last week to sign a program. expenditure without the planned funding.

The emergency order allowed Trump to bypass Congress, giving the president the power to build the wall using funds from other programs. In addition to the $ 3.6-billion military construction projects, it also plans to use $ 601 million from the Treasury's asset forfeiture program and $ 2.5 billion from a drug program in the United States. Pentagon.

Some Republican critics have joined the Democrats in saying that this unilateral decision was simply unconstitutional, with Congress alone empowered to decide where taxpayers' money is spent.

representative Justin AmashJustin AmashBusiness, Conservative Groups Criticize Trump House's National Emergency Statement Approves Motion Condemning Schiff Antisemitism: Intel Chief's Testimonial Could "undermine Trump's ability to declare the urgency of the wall" MORE (R-Mich.) Has particularly condemned the action of Trump. Amash says that not only is there no urgency, but Trump exaggerates the powers conferred on him by the National Emergencies Act.

"A prerequisite for the declaration of urgency is that the situation requires immediate action and that the Congress does not have the opportunity to act," he tweeted. "@POTUS @realDonaldTrump is trying to get around our constitutional system."

Amash frequently breaks with his party on thorny issues related to constitutional powers. He did not specify how he will vote on Castro's disapproval resolution.


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