Do you want to trade Kyrie Irving, the Boston Celtics' guard, against the center of the Anthony Davis Pelicans?

The Celtics had a personal glimpse of nearly Pelicans star Anthony Davis, with 27 points and 16 rebounds in the 124-107 victory in Boston. Considering some of Davis' earlier work – he burned the Cs for 45 and 16 years old last January – they will interpret his pedestrian performance 8/19 years old.

The biggest question is whether Davis could ever return to Boston. NBA-initiated Chris Sheridan has already noted that the Celtics were on the list of possible landing spots for Davis alongside the Lakers, Sixers and Knicks.

There has even been speculation that the Pelicans are trying to move it this season if they disagree and at 10-11, they are currently 11th in the loaded West, behind the Spurs, Kings and Mavericks , tied with the Timberwolves, and percentage points ahead of the Rockets.

Those who dream of a Kyrie Irving-Davis couple will have to wait until the summer. Because of the Rose rule, the Celtics can not acquire two players playing for a 30% maximum extension out of their rookie contract. Both Irving and Davis are on such deals, and the only way to sign one is to win the title of the most defensive player of the year, or to build an entirely NBA team. (Others, like the NBA's capologist, Keith Smith, can explain it a lot better than me).

There is therefore no way for the Celtics to acquire Davis this year, in the unlikely event that he would be available. . . unless they exchange Irving to obtain it.

There is an argument to make for an agreement. The Celtics love to play small, but this training has been exposed to the point where head coach Brad Stevens has decided to return the center, Aron Baynes, to the starting lineup.

Substitute Terry Rozier may not have provided as much as we would like, but as a starter, he supported the team in the conference final last season. It would be a replacement for Irving.

Irving is also concerned about long-term injuries. He has just had knee surgery ending the season, a result of previous knee surgery.

That said, I still have not and here's why. The best Celtics team is Irving, Davis and Jayson Tatum. If Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, and the choices have to go to put these three together, so be it. But I'm going to ask you the following question: Would you like to exchange Irving now to acquire Davis, or would you wait for summer to try to unite them?

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