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Dodgers 11, Red Sox 2: They're not going anywhere with this version of Chris Sale

It's really not that complicated.

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The success of the Red Sox was built primarily on the backs of their starting pitchers, and no one was to be bigger, stronger and more reliable than Chris Sale. It was the pitcher who expressed optimism about the chances of Alex Cora's club in the biggest moments against the best teams.

The image with which the Sox have been, however, just does not work.

Dirty has turned into another guy, a seated player with a 3-9 record and a 4.29 point lead after his uncomfortable defeat in the Red Sox's 11-2 loss to the Dodgers. His last four starts have averaged 7.59 in five innings in four innings and two-thirds against Los Angeles. (For a full summary of Sox loss, click here.)

Perhaps we have tempered the urgency of Sale. After all, the 10-run race that he showed in a dominant way, compiling an ERA 2.17 and an ERA 162, suggesting that normality was the rendezvous. And the much sought-after responsibility in these areas continued to be put forward, as was again evident after the last debacle.

"I'm fine – just do not do it," Sale said when asked if he was in physical trouble. "Usually, I can go out and find a way to navigate the game. You're going to do silly stuff and things like that, and I'm usually able to get out of it. But for some reason, the cards do not fall not on my side, luck is not on my side, and I'm not doing well either, so I have no other excuse, I do not do it, no other way to paint it. to say it .. Nobody to blame .. somehow, i guess it 's a good thing.It' s all about me, so i have to look at it. inside, dig deep, and find a way out of it. "

Everything is fine.

But the reality is that Dirty is the type that must be the secret weapon of the Red Sox. Forget the Dodgers. The Sox are watching what could be a decisive series of 13 consecutive games against the Rays and Yankees starting July 22, this team desperately needing an ace or two on which to support it.

This was and is supposed to be Sale's business card. The type to whom you can put the best of the best when you need it most and know the results to your liking. Over the last two seasons, Sale has played the Yanks and Tampa Bay 15 times overall, averaging 2.12 fights in such starts. This time, the Red Sox have lost all their three outings against the American League's elite.

Of course, David Price's performance to date has helped, as has the idea that Eduardo Rodriguez is doing what he's doing. And the addition of Andrew Cashner to the rotation should offer a little more certainty. Yet Sale is supposed to be the kind of higher level that makes it all work.

This season, the Red Sox are 6-13 in their debut. Last year? They were 18-9. Get the picture?

"We have to do it right, and we are responsible, the coaches," said Cora of Sale. "It's about mechanics or use, or whatever, we have to put it in the right place.We will focus on the next four days and it will be on the ground on Thursday and will be ready from."

"I go every five days and I get kicked, what about it? It's not fun," said Sale, who has allowed five points in each of his last five starts. worst of his career. "I'm still working, I'm still working, I'm not going to give up, but it's hard to go out everyday being a handicap for your team."

The Red Sox scorer was hit in the seventh inning when Steven Wright was kicked out of the game after being touched by a Max Muncy line. Wright, who had already given up a pair of circuits, immediately left the match. The Red Sox announced that X-rays are negative.

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