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Another day, another rumor about Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). Although all this is part of the status of Apple investor, sometimes these stories are not just gossip. This can be particularly intriguing when several relationships are confused with something more than the sum of their parts, suggesting that there might be an underlying truth in the tales.

This is precisely what is happening right now. Although we have not received any official confirmation from Apple, it looks like a big announcement will be announced in March. The maker of the iPhone would not have a hard time finding the right time because the company has often planned to launch its products this month.

The screen for Apple TV with many viewing options.

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A big start in manufacturing?

CEO Tim Cook recently announced that new services would debut this year:

On services, you will see us announce new services this year. There will be [be] more things to come. I do not want to tell you what they are and I am not going to predict with precision … But these are things for which we feel really good, on which we have been working for several years.

A recent report from Buzzfeed, citing unnamed sources, indicates that Apple plans to make an important announcement at the Steve Jobs Theater, on its Apple Park campus, on March 25. These same sources "described the event as being focused on subscription services," according to the report. .

With an approximate date in pencil, here are some possibilities for the big unveiling of Apple.

The long-awaited subscription news service

There have been several accounts for which a subscription service for news buffs is about The Wall Street Journal call "Netflix The service would provide unlimited access to the content of a number of participating publishers for a single price per subscription. Negotiations are underway and some content providers are hesitant about Apple's proposed 50% reduction in subscription revenues, which could affect the release schedule. the start.

The remaining revenue would be prorated among publishers based on the amount of time users spend on each vendor's items. The assumed price for the service is $ 10 per month.

The very complicated video streaming service

In late 2011, Steve Jobs told his biographer that he had "deciphered" the code of television. Since then, rumors about an Apple TV offer have been ubiquitous, despite the current Apple TV product.

In the last two years, Apple has not hidden its ambitions in terms of content. After modest first attempts as Planet apps and Carpool Karaoke: The series, the company would have budgeted more than a billion dollars for original movies and television series. The amount of star power behind the reports includes big names like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, J.J. Abrams and Mr. Night Shyamalan. Yet even though these projects have progressed, many have wondered what could be the final phase of Apple.

The most common answer is that Apple is planning to launch a worldwide steam video service, which could debut in April. In addition to its original content, Apple should offer subscriptions to leading cable channels such as HBO, Showtime and Starz. The service would begin in the United States and then be deployed globally.

The Apple TV and the remote control.

Source of the image: Apple.

Timing is the thing

Apple is known for its secret, but it is no secret that the company will turn more and more to its services and subscriptions facing the slowdown in sales of its flagship iPhone. The announcement of the March product announcement is in line with the potential launch of the News Subscription Service and Video Streaming. Both also perfectly integrate Apple's need to increase its revenue from services and subscriptions in order to generate future growth.

All this is conjectural until Apple makes it official, but given the timing, it makes a lot of sense.

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