Does Fortnite need a classified system?

The Winter Royale playoffs introduced a new type of game in Fortnite and resulted in one of Fortnite's most exciting metas.

Health and shields are reloaded when a victim is killed, thus preventing end-of-game healing while rewarding aggressive games.

In addition, the rating system actually seemed to make sense in the way it balanced high investments and eliminations. But he could still use a little tweaking.

Small reminder, the point system they used was working as follows:

  • Royal Victory: +3 points
  • Top 5: +1 point
  • Top 10: +1 point
  • 3 eliminations: +1 point
  • 5 eliminations: +1 point
  • 7 eliminations: +1 point

With this system, the best match that a player can have was eight points by getting at least seven kills and the Royal Victory.

In the end, this system did not differentiate each brand sufficiently.

A concept published by Bonesingyre in Reddit's / r / FortniteCompetitive has expanded the scoring system and given it more depth.

Placement points:

Rank Points
20th 2
10th 2
7th 2
5th 2
3rd 2
2nd 2
1 6

Elimination points:

Kill Points
Every kill 1 point
3 Kills 2 points bonus
5 Kills 2 points bonus
7 kills 2 points bonus


Permanent Kill Total points Placement points Points to kill
75th 2 kills 2 points 0 2
50th 2 kills 2 points 0 2
12th 5 kills 11 points 2 9
7th 2 kills 8 points 6 2
6th 1 kills 7 points 6 1
6th 6 kills 16 points 6 ten
4th 1 kills 9 points 8 1
3rd 4 kills 16 points ten 6
2nd 0 kills 12 points 12 0
2nd 5 kills 21 points 12 9
1 2 kills 20 points 18 2
1 8 kills 32 points 18 14

This would give more weight to the individual reward for each game and significantly reduce the RNG. The Victory Royale are always rewarded, but even a quick fall in a few victims gives a meager reward.

With lobbies stacked at the height of the Winter Royale playoffs, it was easy for players to play an excellent game with four wins and an 11th place to receive only one point. The / u / Bonesingyre scoring system seems to solve some of these problems.

What would a Fortnite system provide?

The goal of deepening these scoring systems is to try to understand what a Fortnite rated scale would look like. A unique scoring system and the Winter Royale concept – or the Bonesingyre concept based on the Winter Royale concept – should be adopted. is a good start.

The benefits of using a classified system are numerous. Just ask all other royal esport non-battle literally. The ranked ladder provides consistent structures and goals to the gameplay. Each ranked floor shows an improvement in skills and a sense of accomplishment.

League of Legends ranked system

Ranked ladders also provide an easy way to compare the competition. People do not have to argue over who is the best in a group of friends, rank does it for them.

For those who have just taken Fortnite, they enjoy a much softer experience as a new player. New players are unlikely in most current lobbies. They can fall in isolated areas and rank among the top 10, but they end up being filled by lack of skills. Someone makes them appear at the end of the circle. (Believe me, I saw it happened to my roommate.)

There are also benefits at the highest level. The question of who are the best players at Fortnite has been the subject of much debate, and that's because there is no great way for people to showcase their talents.

Skirmishes are too isolated and depend on the ANG. The winners are excellent players, but no skirmish results can be designated as the best final player of the game. For example, Tfue and Cloakzy have won the fall skirmish. They seemed to be the best players, but the qualifications for the winter arrived and none qualified.

Results of the grand finale of the autumn skirmishes

There could be a lot of reasons for them not to qualify, and that's the problem. The best players in virtually every other sport are well known and recognized. The best Fortnite players are sporadic and constantly changing. A ranked ladder would provide the active base for the best players, then skirmishes and the official results would help separate the cream of the crop.

Why a graded ladder does not work at Fortnite

For all these benefits, there are essential differences between Battle Royale games and traditional sports. They are not face to face, which complicates the rankings from top to bottom. Even using the modified Winter Royale notation, this does not allow people to rank at the bottom. The points only pile up and stack.

To bring rankings back to earth, there should be constant reclassifications bringing people to a lower rank. The other solution would be that each match starts with a negative impact on the rankings of the players, then, after a certain threshold of wins or placements, the ranking becomes positive. This would prevent players from playing farm games or simply dropping every game.

In addition, the lack of a hierarchical system can give rise to the heated debate that feeds Fortnite. Epic may not want that there is definitive proof of the best player in a group of friends. Having lively debates with each player thinking that he is the best could be good for the game.

A ranked system would also rank an adjustment period for many long-time players. Suddenly, Victory Royales will be much harder to find, but they will bring back the feeling of winning the victory that made every victory so thrilling when we started playing.


Do you think Fortnite should have a ranking system? How would you like it to look like? Tell us in the comments below:

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