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Does Kanye West sing in front of his children at bedtime?

If you were a world-renowned artist, would you give your kids a private show every night before they leave the land of dreams? Of course, a little dance requires a lot of work at 9 pm, but singing one of your best songs would not be so difficult.

With the influence of Kanye West, ranging from the release of record albums to creating an ultra-exclusive weekend service, fans are starting to wonder if he can also book family time with his family. children at the end of the day.

Kanye West
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Kanye West inspires all with his Sunday service

Have you ever heard of West's Sunday service? This is a fantastic Kanye VIP experience that has been in full swing since the beginning of the year. The event features a mix of live music, usually provided by a gospel choir, and prayers. Of course, you can hear a standard song from time to time, but the choir is also inspired by some of Kanye's most popular religious songs, such as "Jesus Walks" and "Lift Off".

Kanye West also brings musical guests to add talent to the weekly performance. DMX, Courtney Love, Tyler the designer, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are among the recent guests.

If that's not enough to get you to take a look at West Sunday's service, you may have an even rarer chance of meeting the West-Kardashian clan! Kim, North and Saint, as well as other family members, often make a point of showing up every Sunday.

North West began to occur

North West was no more than a mere spectator at the service! Spectators saw the little girl dancing a storm on more than one occasion. If this is not quite endearing, the six-year-old singer raises the stakes. How? Instead of just sharing her great moves with the super exclusive participants, she sings too!

During one of last month's performances, North, Saint and their cousin Penelope Disick all appeared on stage under their best Sunday. The adorable trio joined the rest of the choir to sing Sinead O'Conner, "Nothing Compares 2 U". The hit song of 1990 came well before the birth of any of them, but that did not stop the children from giving everything.

Nor was it the first time North had taken the microphone for Sunday service. During one of April's services, North borrowed a microphone that he dragged (and stands) in the center of the stage so that everyone could see it. She even took the microphone to move more freely. Although some might consider this a no-no, Kanye clearly liked his daughter's bravado. A smile was stuck on his face all the time while he was sitting in the front row (the keyboard behind her) for all the performance.

It's clear (and verified by Kim) that channeling his father's energy for performance really makes his day. In fact, Sunday Service has become the favorite day of the week for young artists!

Kanye's songs at bedtime may play a role

North's parents undoubtedly play an important role in his love of the scene. Kim K has been a reality TV star for ages, and Kanye is a music genius, so it's no surprise that Little North has been doing something over the years. In an appearance on David Letterman's original Netflix, My next guest does not need an introduction; Kanye talked about his private life to the masses.

According to Kanye West, he likes to sing with his children before going to bed. A fly hanging on the wall would not hear the words "All lights" or "Mercy" floating in the house. although. Instead, Kanye takes the time to be creative. He performs unique songs, exposing his children to new words and arrangements, night after night. If things do not change, it seems that North will be ready to replace his father's shoes in no time.

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