Does Kourtney Kardashian try to become the next Gwyneth Paltrow?


Gwyneth Paltrow has become the target of far too many jokes with her company Goop, but she often laughs until the bank. The unexpected success of his health and lifestyle business has undoubtedly prompted the Kardashians to study Paltrow's business model. Even if you think the Kardashians have a superficial lifestyle, they are extremely good at finding business opportunities.

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian launched her own beauty and lifestyle website called Poosh. The people of the brand are wondering if he does not wink at Gwyneth's Goop, especially with the one-word fashionable names. And we have to wonder if they will eventually team up or simply become major rivals.

How did Kourtney introduce Poosh?

As usual, Kourtney used Instagram to present his new company. She did it with the usual plume, on the brand and revealing. The first images were the new trend of dividing photos to combine them into one big picture. Kourtney was sitting on a table, mostly naked, holding a tea cup, plus a laptop with "Poosh" written on the cover.

Yes, it was a typical marketing step for a Kardashian to show serious skin to market something of its own. One of the first hashtags used was "PooshtheBoundaries," produced by a visibly insightful marketing director.

The name "Poosh" sounds like "Push". Still, this would be the nickname of his daughter Penelope, who is arguably a better marketing name than Goop. Again, Gwyneth Paltrow has fundamentally reinvented the word Goop, so he has no negative connotation, as he did before founding his company.

Instagram comments about Kourtney were a typical tidal wave, although typical of social media.

Is Poosh's business model similar to Goop?

Something interesting to note in the comments on Instagram is that someone stressed that Paltrow's Goop had first promoted other beauty and lifestyle products before creating its own line. That's probably what Kourtney's Poosh is doing right now to make a name for himself.

Of course, the goal is to make the name known and create a brand. All Kardashians understand the importance of branding and name recognition. There is no smarter business approach, which continually proves their success through an already established fan base.

All that stops us now is whether these fans will think it's just an imitation of Goop, instead of distinguishing themselves as an idea of ​​their own business.

What is the difference between Poosh and Goop?

Take a look at the Poosh website and you will see that there are some differences. It is mainly in Kourtney that it is possible to avoid the pseudo-medical allegations for which Goop was criticized at the beginning. Poosh seems to stick to things that have been proven, including more natural makeup products.

In addition, Poosh pushes the typical look of Kardashians so that women can look like them. Unfortunately, this means that you have to spend a lot of money because it is not a site for the middle class.

While Kardashians could probably earn even more money if they were supplying more affordable products, Poosh could technically get into trouble based on something too similar: their logo. Many media analysts have noted the similarity between the Poosh and Goop logos, especially in doubles. This could lead to a trial by Paltrow, even if it was not going anywhere just because of the different names.

What would happen if the two companies merged one day?

The similarities between the two brands makes We wonder if the two companies could merge one day if Poosh succeeded.

We do not know if Gwyneth and Kourtney know each other. Imagine how a merger would help their respective reputations. The only thing we would not want is for coat racks to come out of Goosh.

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