Does Offset Regret his Public Apology to Cardi B?


Offset Rappers and Cardi B have had a very public relationship. The two men were secretly married in 2017, and if they look the same, Migos' s unfaithfulness caused a break in their relationship.

In December 2018, just a few months after the birth of the couple's first child, Kulture Kiari, the Violation of privacy The rapper announced that Offset and she were going to divorce. As a result, Father of 4 MC started a very public apology tour to try to get his wife back. Although the couple have been back for a few months now, many people have been alarmed by Offset's great gestures, especially when he crushed one of his wife's performances to ask for forgiveness.

Sloppy apology from Offset to Cardi B

As soon as Cardi B announced her intention to divorce her husband, Offset went into action. He apologized to his wife for his behavior on a series of publications on social networks promising to remain faithful. However, many people were horrified when he played on stage at one of the rapper's concerts "Please Me" in December 2018, craving a second chance. He had theater sailors laden with boxes of roses, labeled "Take Me Back Cardi", valued at $ 15,000.

At the time, Cardi B. also seemed alarmed and she quickly signaled her husband to leave the scene. The rapper explained his reason by saying: "All my wrongs have been made public, I suppose that the fact that my excuses are made public also is quite right"

At the time, TMZ had said, "He is pursuing it fiercely and trying to convince her to join him since the day of their separation." The holidays and in the new year – the couple began to work to rebuild their marriage – in private.

Does Offset regret apologizing publicly to Cardi B?

Although his public and rather sloppy apology caused a media circus at the time, Offset does not regret publicly apologizing to Cardi B. The Ellen DeGeneres show, the native of Atlanta told DeGeneres,

I love my wife, so it's serious – it's not a game for me. We have schedules and we have shows and I got the impression that … I can not give this break between the two, so that's my priority, I'm going there. as a man to say that I am wrong. I'm going as a man, and you do not have to take me back, but I just want you to know that I love you and that I care about it and that I put all this on the table. I asked him to marry me in Philadelphia on the radio show in front of 60,000 people. And when I did that, they said to themselves, "Oh, why did he do that?" I do not hide it. I do not hide my affection, that's all. It's just that I'm vulnerable, I guess.

The wedding inside Cardi B and Offset today

Fortunately, things are much better today for the rappers' wedding. shift was on stage with his wife when she won her first Grammy in February 2019. At the time, Cardi told People:[We’re] just take things slowly. We have a baby right now. It's like our real goal. "

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