Dog found in a ditch with duct tape under the mouth and paws; loaded man

JEFFERSON COUNTY, MONTH (KMOV / CNN) – Police were horrified to find a dog whose mouth and legs were stuck to the middle of a quarry.

Despite all that Jimmy the Dachshund has undergone, Dr. Laura Ivan, veterinarian, thinks that everything will be fine.

"His mouth was closed with tape, his feet were tied together and I think some parts of his body were fine," said Dr. Ivan.

Thirty years of practicing veterinary medicine did not prepare him for the arrival of Jimmy Saturday.

"He could not move or bark or open his mouth, so it was like he was himself, and then he was thrown into a career," said Dr. Ivan.

Investigators believe that Paul Garcia tied the dog's paws and those with electrical tape and dumped him in a ditch where he sat for 12 hours in a cold, malnourished state.

"They had to freeze that band that was on him, little by little, and separate it little by little to find that fingerprint and keep it," said Grant Bissell of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

And with this evidence, it helped the Jefferson County Attorney to charge Garcia with animal abuse and criminal acts.

"It's probably a pet for someone and something really serious happened between two people or just a very horrible random person," Dr. Ivan said.

Jimmy will stay with Dr. Ivan for treatment.

If no one claims Jimmy, he will go for adoption.

But the sheriff's office does not expect that to happen any time soon.

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