Dog, the bounty hunter, will he get married after the death of his wife Beth Chapman?


  • Dog the Bounty Hunter talks about the loss of his wife, Beth Chapman.
  • He discussed the possibility of future relationships and would remarry someday.

    Duane "Dog" Chapman is still in mourning after the loss of his wife, Beth Chapman. But the The most wanted dog star can be open to a new relationship down the line.

    Dog said People that he and Beth had discussed the possibility of his leaving before his cancer death in June. Aged 66, he revealed that he would "date" probably one day.

    "I told him that," he said. "What we said is that I will never remove" Beth "from my chest, I have her name here, and I will never get married."

    dog the bounty hunter beth chapman

    Dog and Beth in 2014.

    Rob Kim

    He continued, "And she said to me," We are human, okay? "And probably the same thing I would say to him:" I know you're going to have a boyfriend, I hope you have 10, but do not get mad at marrying one, and say those words. "I would say that and she told me so."

    Dog and Beth married in 2006 after 16 years together. They have been the most fervent supporters of each other, especially thanks to his fight for health. Beth was diagnosed for the first time with cancer in 2017, which she found later in 2018. She continued to talk about her illness and filmed with Dog until her last moments.

    dog the bounty hunter beth chapman wedding

    Dog and Beth at their wedding in Hawaii.

    Lucy Pemoni

    "She said no, it's my life and I'm going to show everything, so she fought it for two years, beat it once, then came back very aggressive ", he told Fox News. "And then she decided on chemotherapy, she did a treatment, it almost killed her, she could not even move her little finger, so they said, well, you can have 16 months with the chemo or without her, and she said, I have to be there with you and the family, so she went to the end.The week before she left for heaven, she put a guy in prison. "

    Although he looks to the future, Dog has long been forgotten about his longtime love.

    "His [like] a dream, "he said. You claim that this does not happen until the end we did not plan it. His toothbrush is still in the sink. "

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