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Dolphins trade Tannehill to Titans and get fourth round pick for 2020

The Dolphins traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans, ending a seven-year marriage that leaves the team with additional ammunition, but no starting quarterback.

The Dolphins are sending Tannehill and their sixth round pick in this year's draft for the seventh round of the Titans this year and a fourth round pick in 2020.

It's a hit for Chris Grier. He recovers a valuable asset in the quarter-rich draft of 2020 for a player he was likely to cut anyway.

As part of the transaction, Tannehill agreed to tear up his existing contract and sign a new, fully guaranteed one year agreement, worth $ 7 million, which the report states the value of NFL Network could reach $ 12 million when it meets all its benefits.

Tannehill will support Marcus Mariota in Tennessee and, given recent history, can reasonably hope to play. Mariota has played in all four seasons of the NFL for a variety of injuries, including knee, hamstring, arm and shoulder injuries.

Tannehill ended his career with the Dolphins with 123 touchdowns and 75 interceptions, a winning percentage of 62.8 and a score of 87.

His career as a starter was 42 to 46 years and he never appeared in a playoff game.

Tannehill was a survivor in Miami. He has won two contracts worth $ 67.6 million over the past seven years. He has also played under three head coaches and four offensive coordinators.

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