Former House Speaker Paul Ryan thinks Democrats have a way to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 election because of their personalities.
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President Donald Trump criticized Paul Ryan late Thursday night on Twitter following the publication of excerpts from a forthcoming book in which the former House Speaker accused him of knowing nothing from the government .

Shortly after CNN covered Ryan's comments about Trump in Tim Alberta's "American Carnage," which explains how Republicans changed with the arrival of Trump to the presidency, Trump responded by a series of insults in three tweets.

"Paul Ryan, a vice-president and former House speaker, whose accomplishments were atrocious (except in my first two years as President), has finally become a long-standing failure, leaving his party in the trap of both fundraising & leader, "said Trump in his first tweet.

"It's as bad as that" The book 'American Carnage & # 39; details Paul Ryan, relationship with Reump Priebus with Trump

According to excerpts obtained by the Washington Post, Ryan reportedly told Alberta that he could not stand two more years with Trump. He termed the retreat "escape hatch", according to excerpts obtained by the Washington Post.

Trump also said that Mitt Romney's candidacy for president in 2012 was doomed after choosing Ryan as his running mate. Trump also criticized Ryan for failing to secure funding for a US-Mexican border wall.

"He had the majority and won with his bad leadership and bad timing," Trump said in his third tweet. "I have never known how to pursue the Dems as they pursue us.It's impossible to get him out of Congress fast enough!"

Ryan did not run for office in 2018 and Nancy Pelosi took over as Speaker after the Democrats took control of the House.

Paul Ryan in 2020: Some Democrats Could Defeat Trump

In the Alberta book, Ryan also described Trump as ignoring the government: "I thought I should have a relationship with this guy to help him understand," Ryan said, according to the Washington Post . "Because I tell you, he did not know anything about the government, I wanted to scold him all the time."

An expert in the book also explains how Ryan wanted to excommunicate Trump after the release of the tape "Access Hollywood" during the campaign.

"It's fatal," he told Reince Priebus, then chairman of the Republican National Committee. "How can you get him out of the race?"

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