"Donald Trump, big president or biggest president?"

Three years after his reception The show lateStephen Colbert finally begins to feel "a bit like Jon Stewart".

To change the pace on Tuesday night, CBS aired a pre-recorded episode of the late-night show in which the tables were being shot while Colbert was sitting in the guest chair and answering questions from friends such as Jake Tapper, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kerry Washington, Charlamagne tha God and above all, his former boss at The daily show.

Stewart began his interview by asking Colbert, "Who the hell do you think you are?" This prompted the host to admit that he was beginning to feel he could take on the role of Stewart as the most trusted man in political comedy.

"Not at all," said Stewart jokingly, "See how beautiful and ugly you are, come here every night, soak up the toxins, vomit rainbow splashes, it's your job, and you do it. beautifully. "

Stewart then asked a question that Colbert would regularly ask his guests about George W. Bush during his tenure as The Colbert Report: "Donald Trump, big president or biggest president?"

"I think it's great, good president," said Colbert, sarcastically. "Is there anything other than big or big?" That's what led Colbert to say that he still had people coming to him in public to tell him that even if they "liked" The show latethey "loved the old show more." He asked Stewart, "Did you understand?" Ha, you have not got a new job yet!

"I do not think Donald Trump likes the job of president, but he likes the traps of power," said Stewart. Asked Colbert about his first meeting with Trump, he wanted to know: "Did the braggart look charming in some sort of Music man a bit like this?

"It did not make any noise at all," said Colbert. "He has that kind of equipment that he is capable of, and he was like," Let's take a picture. "He was ready to take a picture, and orange as you could not believe."

Even though he was in the guest chair, Colbert could not help but ask Stewart if he was missing a current affairs show, now that the man he calls "Fuckface von Clownstick" is the president of the United States. "Like, it would be nice to take a few hits here and there, no?"

"You and I both know we were peat miners," said Stewart. "So, work at The daily show I felt like I was working in peat mines. And then I finally stopped, and a giant dung asteroid is heading towards the planet. Now, in this case, if someone said: "You were a peat miner. This is the largest peat deposit ever seen. You would not want to be there? And you just say, "I'm not in trouble anymore. "

"Come in, Jon," Colbert replied, "shit's okay."

After a break, both men became more serious about what the transition from playing the right pundit on Comedy Central to becoming himself for the first time on TV was like for Colbert. The host acknowledged that it was his interview with Joe Biden during his first week on the show, when he knew he could do it: "Truly alone, myself, could have received what Mr. Biden was ready to share with me and the public. . After this interview, he said: "This kind old man has just given me my show. "

"I was much more comfortable on this chair than on this one," Colbert said later. "Now, I want to be in this chair. It's a huge change. I wanted to be a guest even on my old show. That's why the character crashed and sat down because he was the guest of his own show. "

Memories of their time spent as guests at David Letterman's show Last show, the two men emphasized how far they have come since this host called them "twin cables".

"It was an honor and a pleasure to interview you," said Stewart at the end of the session. "But more importantly, it's an honor and a pleasure to watch this program every night."

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