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DOOM Eternal will let you decimate demons until 10 pm

Doom Eternal Box Art

If the initial conversion of CONDEMN Nintendo Switch is all there is to it (as well as the Wolfenstein ports that meet a similar ideal), and then DOOM Eternal should be a serious swing in hell and back, and in addition you could do it for 22 hours.

In an interview with QconForums.com, Marty Stratton of Id Software confirmed that the game is expected to last between 18:00 and 22:00 – presumably in terms of campaign – but there is still a lot of work to be done.


Given that the previous entry took about 9 to 14 hours on average, we might consider doubling the game for our money this time, although it should be made clear that because of the number of Secrets and hidden collectibles that you can find, it is difficult to determine an average time with a lot of accuracy. It's worth it for all the small Doomguy models.

Are you looking forward to tearing up on a plane, on a train or just without refraining? Let's all have a note on this in the comments section.

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