Dos Santos beats Lewis in the main event of UFC Fight Night


WICHITA, Kan. (AP) Junior Dos Santos prevented Derrick Lewis from being eliminated in the technical game on Saturday night at the main UFC Fight Night event in Wichita.

Dos Santos was warned in the first round after catching Lewis in the eye. Later in the round, Lewis, of 265 pounds, kicked his head at Dos Santos, causing him to bleed from the corner of the eye. Dos Santos came back later in the round by kicking in Lewis' abdomen, which caused him an obvious pain.

Lewis started the second round with another shot on Dos Santos's head. Dos Santos responded by placing a right hook on Lewis, making him stumble against the cage. This opportunity allowed Dos Santos to multiply the strikes, which allowed him to win the victory by technical knockout.

The rest of the fight card did not disappoint either. Niko Price laid a huge right hook that toppled Tim Means during one of the last fights of the night. Price jumped over Means, placing a barrage of punches that gave him the win by knockout.

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos submitted Curtis Millender in the first round.

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