Dos Santos criticizes Lewis, says "he complains a lot"


WICHITA, Kan. – Junior Dos Santos thinks Derrick Lewis has a tendency to exaggerate on some points when he's in the octagon, and said he had first-hand experience at UFC on ESPN + 4.

Dos Santos (21-5 MMA 15-4 UFC) was especially lucky with Lewis (21-7 MMA, 12-5 UFC) en route to a second-round TKO in Saturday's heavyweight showdown on Saturday. INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan. and listened on ESPN +.

Before releasing "The Black Beast" with a host of strikes in the second frame, Dos Santos was asleep in wild exchanges with Lewis. At one point, he poked his opponent in the eye, which led umpire Herb Dean to briefly pause the action. Dos Santos did not think it was so bad, but he saw a part of Lewis with which he became familiar while studying a tape in preparation for the fight.

"Derrick Lewis, I also saw him in his fights, he complains a lot," Dos Santos told MMA Junkie after the fight at the UFC on ESPN + 4. "Every time he complains a lot. I do not know if he's trying to take advantage of the moment or something, but he's complaining a lot. He said to the referee: "My eye". It does not mean anything. He was fine.

"You can see on the camera that he was fine. It does not mean anything. But it's good. The referee, Herb Dean, is the best in this field and I trust him. That's what I told him, that my hands would not open. "

The fault fouls aside, Dos Santos said that he had to stay focused during the fights against Lewis. He injured his opponent several times before the finish, but it was also difficult to know if Lewis was trying to pull a rope rope.

Dos Santos said that it was important to stay alert and that while he was doing it, he knew that the stop could occur.

"It was a good challenge," said Dos Santos. "I know how dangerous it is and I was trying to avoid those punches and one of them connected, but I did not feel it too much. I could feel he had a lot of power, but under my angles, I like to position myself more effectively to better communicate with better punches. "

With three consecutive wins under his belt, Dos Santos is in its longest streak of victories since the series of nine fights that kicked off its Octagon mandate over ten years ago. . The former title holder wants to continue climbing the ladder, but said he had something more important to handle first.

"The main goal is to stay active," said Dos Santos. "But now, I need a little break. My daughter is expected in May. So I have to put everything in place to receive it and make sure that everything is fine, then I will fight again. Maybe at the end of the month of August. "

Dos Santos has already expressed interest in a showdown with Francis Ngannou (13-3 MMA, 8-2 UFC) after UFC on ESPN + 4, but he did not seem to be trapped in this pair. His personal calendar comes first, then the one that makes the most sense when he's ready to come back is the one with whom he will agree to fight.

"I do not really care who I'm going to fight," said Dos Santos. "Of course, I want to add something to my career. You can see this ranking thing. It's crazy. Let's see what will happen. But there are many options for sure.

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