Doug Bowser is the new president of Nintendo of America. Yes Bowser.


Reggie Fils-Aimé is retiring as president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, Nintendo announced Thursday, while Doug Bowser took over.

Yes, his last name is Bowser. Yes, people make jokes about it.

Bowser, who was previously Nintendo of America's senior vice president of sales and marketing, has big problems. Son-Aimé held this position for 13 years, quickly becoming a beloved face of society in the West.

There are many people online who are both surprised to learn that Bowser's last name is actually Bowser and they react with proper humor.

Some people find it hard to believe that he has not changed his name to attract Nintendo favors.

The jokes are so obvious that they have aged a bit before they have the chance to take off, but it's still funny.

Bowser is obviously aware that his name triggers an alarm. Here is the picture of him that Nintendo shared when he joined the company four years ago.

He takes the whole Bowser thing to heart.



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