"Doug Jones is against the construction of the wall"

RRep. Bradley Byrne is expected to challenge Senator Doug Jones in Alabama on Wednesday, saying the Democrat, who won a surprise special election 14 months ago, did not reflect the state's conservative values.

Byrne, 64, will be the favorite to reclaim Jeff Sessions' former Senate seat in the Senate in 2020 if he has not been faked in the primary. Alabama is extremely conservative and particularly supports President Trump, highlighting the factors Byrne mentioned in an interview with the president. Washington Examiner.

"So far, I am not aware of any fundamental differences of opinion between him and him," said Byrne, questioned that there was a day between Trump and him on key issues. "Doug Jones is against the construction of the wall."

Byrne was referring to Trump's efforts to build a physical barrier along the Mexican border to stem illegal immigration. Jones joined the opposition of the Democratic Party in funding the wall. Byrne highlighted these differences and emphasized the senator's liberal record on guns and abortions – both problematic in a state race in Alabama.

Trade is a problem that could cause friction between Byrne and Trump. The president is threatening tariffs on imports to ensure fairer trading conditions with foreign countries. This policy could create an Alabama economy that relies heavily on global markets, as the state hosts multinational satellites and exports billions of dollars in commodities and manufactured goods.

But Byrne, a former Democratic lawyer and business lawyer who was first elected to Congress in 2013, said he did not foresee any major disagreement with the White House on this front.

"Many of these companies have expressed concerns about specific things. We shared these concerns with the White House and the Department of Commerce, and they were great to work with us, "he said. "I think we can solve most of the problems."

Jones should be a relatively easy choice for Republicans. His seat was occupied for two decades by Sessions, who resigned from the Senate to become the first US Attorney General under Trump. Sessions' appointed successor, Luther Strange, lost his candidacy for the 2017 special election when former GOP Judge Roy Moore defeated him.

Jones is a hard-working activist who is widely popular. But the Democrat managed to run in the Senate mainly because his opponent in a 2017 special general election, Moore, was a seriously flawed candidate who faced many allegations of recorded sexual misconduct.

Republican officials believe that Byrne, who owns Mobile's 1st congressional district, is well positioned to become the party's candidate in 2020.

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