Doug Williams said the Washington Redskins were united in the decision to claim Reuben Foster


Doug Williams, senior vice president of Washington Redskins, said the four key decision makers of the team were unanimous in wanting to claim linebacker Reuben Foster on Tuesday, and that he was comfortable with the research that he had done before the move.

The Redskins alleged that Foster waived waivers Tuesday, three days after his arrest and domestic violence charges and two days after his release by the San Francisco 49ers. The Redskins were the only team to submit a waiver request for Foster.

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Foster, who was at the Redskins' premises on Wednesday for treatment and meeting with the team officials, is on the list of the Commissioner's Exempt Persons, which means he can neither play nor even get his money. # 39; driving.

Williams issued a statement after the move, but he spoke publicly about it for the first time during his weekly appearance in The Team 980. He echoed what coach Jay Gruden had said Wednesday, namely that the team knew that she would suffer a negative reaction. "Rightly," says Williams.

"I have six girls, so it's not something I would close my eyes," Williams told The 980 Team. "But at the same time, I think we're in the business of research [Foster’s case]. I could sit here, and I will not, appoint a group of teams that have hired players who have had a lot of baggage and no one says anything about it.

"You can not get into quarrels between what they do and what you do, you have to look at it from your point of view, it has been a lot of thought. not just a whim, we all got together, we talked about it, we knew it would involve some risk-reward. "

Several reports revealed that not all members of the franchise participated in the move. But, as one source said, those who opposed it did not participate in the decision-making process.

Key Redskins decision-makers are owner Dan Snyder, president Bruce Allen, coaches Jay Gruden and Williams.

Gruden was high on Foster prior to the 2017 project. There was heated debate in the room about Foster's take on Jonathan Allen, who was higher on their board and who was the ultimate choice.

"None of those in my room were up," Williams said of Tuesday's decision.

Williams said the Redskins knew it would attract a lot of attention. They were criticized for the move, many wondering why they would not have waited until Foster's legal situation was resolved.

According to the police report, Foster slapped the phone from his girlfriend's hand, then pushed her to the chest and slapped her with an open hand. Earlier this year, a similar charge was brought against Foster after an alleged incident with the same woman, who subsequently retracted his testimony and the charges were dropped.

"We have people who are in highs, highs, highs, highs that have done a lot worse, if you look at it realistically, and they are still up there," Williams said. "These are small potatoes [compared to] a lot of things there. But at the same time, it's a big problem in America today, whether in football, in everyday life or not, in political life or not. "

In the statement released Tuesday, Williams said they had had frank conversations with former Foster teammates in Alabama before claiming it. There are seven former Alabama players on the list, including five in defense. Two of them – security Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Allen – said they were not part of the discussions.

"Well, you know, we did not have a convention," Williams said. "… It was not like we had to talk to the five, the two people we talked to knew him very well, it's not up to them to decide whether or not to move; we are just trying to get a glimpse of the young man. "

Williams said that he had also spoken with the coach of Foster High School. And when Williams spoke to Foster on Wednesday, he let her know that some had written that he was a "crook". Williams wanted him to make sure he was honest with him.

"It could be his last rodeo," Williams said. "… he has to settle his affairs and rectify things.Hope that things are not as bad as they say.As I said, everything is under investigation. wait where the shoe falls. "

Williams said being in the NFL brings increased attention to this type of movement.

"I'm sure if the young man had queued to find a job at McDonald's or elsewhere, no one [would] talk about it, "Williams said. But he is the National Football League. This gives a lot of visibility.

"… The high risk was the beating we were going to have in public relations, we understood that from a public relations point of view and we take it in. The most important thing is that we were hoping things would happen. and it was not the way everything was perceived, we do not know, we have to wait and see, and if things are as bad as expected, he may not have the chance to play. for us, we do not know. "

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