Dow Jones Futures: Etsy Stock signals enter the buying zone; Tesla Stock falls to the water while the SEC declares Elon Musk violated the agreement


Dow Jones futures eased back on Monday night, as did S & P 500 and Nasdaq futures, following the current stock market pullback, but near the bottom of the session. Etsy (ETSY) RealPage (RP), Medpace (MEDP) and Shake Shack (SHAK) were highly rated companies reporting late profits. The title Etsy reported a buying opportunity lagged on its results. However, RealPage and Medpace shares dipped overnight due to weak forecasts, while Shake Shack shares fell slightly. In addition, Tesla's shares fell sharply late after the SEC had asked a judge to hold a hearing. You're here (TSLA) Elon Musk, CEO, contempt for violating a 2018 settlement.


Medpace and RealPage, both IBD 50 stocks, offer the best possible rating for 99 IBDs. The Etsy stock has an OK Composite rating of 83, reflecting its relatively recent profitability. Shake Shack shares have a composite rating of 92, despite a sluggish share price and slowing growth. Tesla stock has a sad note 37 Composite.

Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures declined 0.1% from fair value. S & P 500 futures contracts fell 0.1%. Futures on the Nasdaq 100 were down 0.25%. Do not forget that day-to-day Dow futures, Etsy shares, Tesla shares and elsewhere do not necessarily translate into actual trading at the next regular session.

Current stock market rally

The current stock market rally began strong Monday, but closed almost at the bottom of the session in a stagnant day. President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that he was rejecting tariff increases in China on March 1, citing "significant progress" in trade talks with China. Wall Street wants a trade deal with China. However, after nine consecutive weeks of gains fueled in part by China's trade deal hopes, the current stock market rally may well be due to a pause or a pullback.

Etsy Earnings Buoy Volatile Stock Etsy

Etsy earnings climbed 113 percent to 32 cents a share. Revenues increased 47% to $ 200 million, the seventh consecutive quarter of accelerated growth in the arts and crafts e-commerce site. Analysts expected an Etsy profit of 21 cents and a turnover of 194.9 million dollars.

Etsy shares reached 65 at the end of the session, then dropped below 58 before returning to 63.15, up 7%. A move Tuesday over the 60.58 peak of Feb. 5 would create an opportunity to buy. Shares rose from 4.1% to 59.01% in the stock market on Monday, a record close. The relative strength line, which tracks the stock's performance against the S & P 500 index, is just below record highs.

On February 5, the Etsy title attempted to break the record of 58.40, but finally closed almost flat that day. On February 7, the shares had fallen to 50.14 intraday, invalidating the entry.

The Etsy stock had failed eruptions in early August and early November. The time may be different, but investors considering buying Etsy shares should be familiar with its recent history.

Tesla Stock falls to the water while the SEC declares Elon Musk violated the agreement

The SEC has asked a judge to sentence Elon Musk in contempt for violating the agency's settlement with Musk and Tesla. The SEC quoted Elon Musk's February 19 tweet that Tesla would manufacture 500,000 cars in 2019. He then specified that he was hearing a production rhythm of 500,000 cars by the end of the year. year, but only 400,000 vehicles produced this year.

The late 2018 settlement between the SEC and Tesla focused on Elon Musk's famous "secured financing" tweet about a possible buy-out at 420 per share, while no such funding existed. . The settlement forced Musk to give up his position as president, among others.

Tesla action fell 3.6% at the end of the session. Shares rose 1.4% to 298.77 on Monday but remained trapped under their 50-day and 200-day lines.

Medpace Earnings Guidance Guidance Medmed Stock

Medpace's profits increased 92 percent from a year ago to 75 cents a share. Analysts were counting on a Medpace profit of 69 cents. But the contract researcher for small drug manufacturers has given weak guidelines. At mid-term, Medpace is forecasting EPS of $ 2.58 to $ 2.69 in 2019. Analysts had forecast Medpace earnings per share of $ 2.95 per share. The company reported average revenue of $ 795 million, below consensus at $ 801 million.

The Medpace stock fell 11% at the end of the session. Shares closed up 0.9% at 70.58 after hitting a record of 71.66 intraday. The Medpace stock cleared a purchase point of 62.23 cups with handle on Jan. 30. Action after hours suggests that the Medpace stock could test this entry, which would represent a round trip of 15%. Investors should avoid allowing a double digit break-point gain to turn into a loss.

RealPage revenues in the lead, but sales and forecasts are weak

RealPage's revenues rose 50 percent to 39 cents per share, beating one cent. But the software maker's revenue rose 21 percent to $ 227 million, barely missing. RealPage's revenue and revenue forecast for the first quarter and 2019 was generally below consensus.

RealPage shares fell 7.75% at the end of the session. Shares closed up 1.7% to 60.93. RealPage worked on an entry of 66.35 cups.

Shake Shack Gains

Shake Shack's profits fell to 6 cents per share, but they beat the 3-cent view. Revenues increased 29% to $ 124.3 million, with store sales up 2.3%, both leading. Shake Shack estimates, however, that the 2019 turnover is slightly below consensus, with lump sum sales up 1%.

Shake Shack shares fell 4% in one night. Shares closed down 1.2% to 52.25, but are still trading below their 200-day line. The title Shake Shack is far from its summit of July 70, July 20.

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