Dow Jones Futures: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon Drive: current stock market rally; StoneCo, Tilray Up Late


The futures on the Dow Jones rose slightly Monday night, as well as futures on the S & P 500 index and futures on the Nasdaq. At Monday's meeting, the major averages rose slightly, even though Boeing's shares weighed on the Dow Jones. The most profitable companies in the world, Dow Tech giants Microsoft and Apple, continued to outperform. The shares No. 3Amazon cleared a point of purchase. Two stocks of IPO late 2018 reported late: StoneCo (STNE), a hot Brazilian payment coin backed by Warren Buffett, and marijuana stock Tilray (TLRY). StoneCo's shares skyrocketed after closing to the right at a point of purchase. The Tilray stock has increased modestly. The stock of HealthEquity has dropped.


Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures, S & P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures contracts all rose 0.15% over their fair value. Do not forget that day-to-day futures trading on Dow and elsewhere do not necessarily translate into actual trading at the next regular trading session.

Current stock market rally

The current stock market rallied slightly on Monday after the strong growth of last week. Boeing (BA) decreased by 1.8%. But Microsoft (MSFT) climbed 1.4% and Apple (AAPL) increased by 1% as the two most profitable companies continue to outperform the current stock market. The Microsoft action has reached a new high, still within the limits of an entry of 113.35. Apple has approached its 200-day line.

Meanwhile, (AMZN), which has the third highest market capitalization in the market, posted a point of purchase, up 1.7% to 1,742.15. This has just cleared a purchase point of 1,736.51 points on a flat basis within a larger consolidation. Amazon shares have also exceeded their 200-day limit. However, the volume was only 2% higher than normal, below the minimum of 40% to 50% that investors should look for. In addition, the relative strength of Amazon has been down for a few months.

However, growth stocks have been muted for a day. The innovative IBD 50 ETF (FFTY) climbed 0.2%.

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StoneCo Earnings

StoneCo earnings climbed to 27 cents per share for revenues of $ 137.6 million. Analysts were expecting earnings per share from StoneCo of 13 cents per share for a $ 117 million turnover.

The title StoneCo rose 20% late to 41.44. Shares closed up 6.4% to 34.60, to exactly 34.60. If StoneCo exceeds Tuesday's 5% area, investors could use the opening price as an entry point.

The StoneCo stock climbed to a record high of 34.50 on March 4, clearing a very deep cup base, but quickly reversed to stabilize.

Several other stocks of payments broke out. Monday, Loyalty Information Services (FIS) agreed to buy Worldpay (WP) for $ 35 billion, continuing a wave of merger between payment processors.

Tilray Income Report

Tilray's earnings report resulted in a loss of 33 cents on sales of $ 15.5 million. Wall Street was expecting a loss of 15 cents a share on sales of $ 17 million for the Canadian marijuana producer, although some consensus forecasts provide for a slower sales target. Tilray Stock is the only pure marijuana IPO in US markets compared to publicly traded companies after making its debut in Canada.

The action Tilray rose 2.4% to 74 late. Shares closed down 0.4% to 72.24, trapped below the 50-day mark.

Tilray's stock climbed to 300 on September 19th, peaking at $ 17 per share after being released two months earlier. After a sharp decline, Tilray shares moved laterally in recent months. That's like a lot of rival marijuana stocks have soared in the current stock market rally.

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