Dow Jones Futures: the current stock market rally continues to grow; Synopys Stock is considering the distribution of profits

The futures on the Dow Jones have changed little Wednesday night, as well as futures on the S & P 500 and Nasdaq, while the current rally of the stock markets faces a symbolic opposition. After closing, the best stocks Synopsys (SNPS), Genomic health (GHDX) Evertec (EVTC) and Workiva (WK) declared a profit. Synopsys shares reported an escape, while Genomic Health shares jumped to a point of purchase. Evertec and Workiva stocks, already above the appropriate inputs, were also active.


The stock Synopys has a composite index of 93 IBD on a maximum of 99. The shares of Genomic Health have a 97 CR index, the stock of Evertec is 92. The stock Workiva has a composite index of 86, reflecting the loser history of the software manufacturer.

Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures were essentially stable relative to their fair value. The future S & P 500 and Nasdaq 100 have also changed little. Do not forget that day-to-day futures trading on Dow and elsewhere do not necessarily translate into actual trading at the next regular session.

Current stock market rally

The current stock market rally has been calm, but major indices have closed with modest gains. The Nasdaq composite has found support for its 200-day line. Despite some negative days along the way, the Nasdaq and the Dow Jones are in their ninth consecutive weekly advance. After a major stock market correction or a bear market, the main indices do not generally rise directly. One could argue that the current stock market rally needs to be truly tested. This does not mean that a recovery or a decline in the stock market will take place immediately, if at all. It might have been said in mid-December that the stock market was about to rebound, but sales intensified to the low point of Christmas Eve.

Synopsys Earnings Push Stock item from Synopsys to buy

Synopsys' profit decreased 2% to $ 1.08 per share for the first quarter of fiscal year, while sales increased 7% to $ 820.4 million. . Wall Street expects Synopsys earnings of 97 cents on a turnover of $ 795.8 million. The chip design software manufacturer has been guiding the upward estimates for the current quarter.

Synopsys' stock rose 1.9% to 104.90 late. This signals a possible move over a point of purchase of 103.50 cups. The Synopsys stock rose 1.1% to 102.98, reaching 103.73 in intraday. The relative strength line, which tracks the performance of an action against the S & P 500 index, is already at a new high, a bullish sign.

Genomic health gains

Genomic Health's profits quadrupled to 32 cents per share, 2 cents lower. Revenues increased nearly 20% to $ 104.6 million, also up. The manufacturer of diagnostic tests for the treatment of breast and prostate cancer also guided higher earnings in 2019.

The genomic health action rose 2.8% to 86.05 at the end of the session. The actions are working on an inlet of 92.28 cups. The genomic action of health climbed 1.2% to 83.66 on Wednesday.

Genomic Health's shares were a big winner last year, registering an 88% increase even with the market pullback at the end of 2018.

Evertec Earnings

Evertec's profit jumped 92 percent from a year earlier to 46 cents, beating two cents. Revenues increased 19% to $ 118.23 million, which is also higher than forecast. The Puerto Rico-based payment company rebounded after Hurricane Maria in 2017. However, Evertec's revenue and revenue forecast for 2019 was generally lower than expected.

The Evertec stock fell 7.8% to 28.26 at the end of the session. This means a move under the threshold of buying 30.30 outlets on a flat basis, cleared Tuesday. The Evertec stock rose 1% to 30.65 on Wednesday.

Workiva Gains

Workiva's profit exceeded the total views by 10 cents with a loss of $ 199,000, or zero cents per share. Revenues increased 18% to $ 64.4 million, slightly above. Workiva's earnings guidance was higher than forecast for the first quarter, with a larger-than-expected loss for the full year, but its revenue forecast was better than expected for the 2019 quarters.

The Workiva stock increased by 1.7% to 45 at the end of the session. Shares of the Database Software Marker closed up about 1% at 44.24. This was slightly extended from a purchase point of 40.94 that Workiva shares cleared on Jan. 31.

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