Download the Reiboot iOS and Apple TV System Recovery Tool for free now

Thanks to our sponsor: Reiboot is a Mac application that works as an all-in-one system recovery tool for iOS. It allows you to quickly and easily troubleshoot many common problems with old, obsolete, or failed devices. You can download Reiboot iOS System Recovery Software for free now (or a separate version for Android devices):

Download Reiboot for iOS for Mac (or Windows) for free now. Or get the Android version.

The Reiboot app includes features to repair iPhones and iPads with screens that do not light up, devices that are stuck in recovery mode or with the Apple logo on the screen, and devices that are frozen and face other problems often requiring a reset, iOS or other manual solution. It also includes features to fix common errors with iTunes and Apple TV.

While these fixes can usually be done manually for people with iOS skills and knowledge, Reiboot makes it a one-step process for those who are unsure of the cause of their problem.

Reiboot also includes built-in features for performing custom IPSW firmware restores, downgrading from a beta version of iOS, and repairing common backup and restore errors in iTunes.

In addition, the application provides quick fixes to common Apple TV problems, especially when the device is stuck on the Apple logo, in recovery mode or during AirPlay. Here is a complete list of included features:

Characteristics of the restart:

  • Fix many iOS system problems, including the ability to repair the black screen of the iPhone, devices blocked on the Apple logo, screens do not light up. and more
  • Repair your iPhone or iPad if it is frozen or if you have problems that you can not identify.
  • 1-click to Enter / Exit Free iPhone Recovery Mode
  • Recover your iOS in normal mode without loss of data
  • Fully compatible with the latest iPhone XS / Max XS / XR / iPad Pro (iOS 12)
  • Custom IPSW Restore

  • Decommissioning of the beta software of the iPhone
  • Solve the problems of Apple TV
  • Fix iTunes backup and restore errors, more efficient

Download Reiboot for iOS for Mac (or Windows) for free now. Or get the Android version.

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