Dozens of clinical trials under way in Rochester


"Obviously, we are only one site, but without the participation of people in the community of Rochester, these drugs would not have been marketed," she said.

Medications that have passed through the trials include migraine, cholesterol and heart medications, home-based HIV testing kits, and smoking cessation products, among other products and medications.

More recently, drug manufacturers have introduced many vaccines into the clinical study.

Meghan Cameron of Rochester was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year.

She was neat, but the road to recovery is long. When she learned that Rochester Clinical Research was conducting a trial on the Lyme disease vaccine, she did not hesitate to register.

"Once I was diagnosed, I was thinking of my children in the beginning, I do not want my children to understand it, and when I discovered the study, I thought that everything I could do to move forward things, get a Lyme Vaccine Syndrome, I will participate and do what I can because I do not want others to receive it, "she told News10NBC.

Larrabee says that most people enroll for a career based on a personal or family situation similar to Cameron's.

At present, Rochester Clinical Research has a database of more than 20,000 people in our area who are willing to help if the right clinical trial materializes.

"We may not have something good at the time, but then we'll look at it in the database and say," You said last year that you wanted to participate to a test on migraine, we have one next, "she says.

Participants are usually paid for time and travel. You are told how much you will get before registering and you will also need your doctor's permission.

"We let them know when a patient is participating in a study here, we give them the results of the initial screening phase, we will send them to them at the end of the study so that they are kept informed of the results. care provided to patients, "Larrabee says.

In addition to the currently tested Lyme disease vaccine, Rochester Clinical Research is also testing vaccines against RSV, infant meningitis, E-coli, smallpox and C-diff.

Cameron's commitment consists of a few visits from time to time and then a follow-up in a year.

"All I can do to create a vaccine against this is worth it," she says.

For more information on ongoing trials, click here.

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