Dr. Disrespect embarks on an unrestrained war about "pathetic" sniper

lack of respect

If you play competitive Twitch shooter games and you are popular, you attract the "snipers" as a dirty kitchen attracts rodents. And as one of the most popular streamers on the internet and a competitive shooter player, Dr. Disrespect attracts as many snipers as anyone. And judging by his last rant, he really despises them, really.

For those who do not know: snipers are players – especially the players of the royal battle – who attack banners in public matches, usually with great success, because they know each of their movements through their flow. They are not common, but when you broadcast as much as Dr. Disrespect, you encounter a lot of it. And generally, they are there to ruin your match for 1.2 seconds of notoriety.

That said, the last clash of Two-Time with a sniper took place in a recent match of Battlefield V & # 39; s royal battle mode, Fire storm. And after the sniper killed him, Doc burst into one of his famous shots.

"These snipers are the most pathetic level possible of a human being," said Dr. Disrespect. "They all live in the basement of their mother, number two, they've never had a job – they do not know the discipline, they did the sport […] they have almost been a failure all their life. "

The streamer continued:

"They wake up, they do not take a shower, just when they get up, they take their bowl of fruity pebbles, they are in their sweatpants and one of them has a half day all the morning because he does not know what's going on there "

Of course, it was totally useless for Dr. Disrespect to shade Fruity Pebbles in this way, but you understand: the streamer may hate snipers, perhaps more than any other streamer.

However, the only advantage of the snipers, according to the Doc, is to be able to destroy them daily. There may be nothing in the world that makes Disrespect happier than destroying snipers.

Unfortunately for streamers, stream sniping is not going anywhere. Not only are developers struggling to combat this, but the more the streamers attract their attention, the more people will want to do it.

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