Dr. Disrespect makes a surprise appearance in the new advertising Black Ops 4 'The Replacer & # 39; | Dexerto.com

Call of Duty Black Ops 4's "The Replacer" advertises everything from the US government's closure to Brexit, but nobody could have expected it. Dr lack of respect to introduce yourself too.

The Twitch streamer might have moved its popular Call of Duty Blackout Code Red tournament to Apex Legends, but that did not stop Activision from wanting it to appear in the latest Black Ops 4 ad.

This new announcement promotes the launch of Operation Grand Heist, which offers fans two new cards to play multiplayer, as well as important changes in the game mode Blackout.


The game industry invests tremendously in influencers and Dr. Disrespect is one of Twitch's biggest names.

Dr. Disrespect is joined by famed actor Peter Stormare, known for his roles as Gaear Grimsrud in Farg and John Abruzzi in the popular FOX Prison Break television series.

He may not have left Fox River Penitentiary in this new CoD announcement, but Stormare certainly had a lot to say about the new update. "Black Ops 4 publishes Operation Grand Heist," he says. "Full of new maps, weapons, characters, vehicles and more."

(Dr. Disrespect figures in the next announcement almost 40 seconds)

Operation Grand Heist is offering two new multiplayer maps, called Lockout and Casino, to which will be added the long – awaited arrival of League Play, which has been repeatedly teased by Treyarch since the game's release and will be added on February 21st.

The new update is live exclusively on the PlayStation 4 platform and is expected to arrive soon on the PC and Xbox One platforms.

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