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Dr. Disrespects Mocks His Own Ban With Twitch With New Emotes

The popular flute Dr. Disrespect remains banned in Twitch after airing in a bathroom of the E3, but takes full advantage of the situation by creating new emoticons for his cat.

While performing his first IRL feed at E3 2019, the Doc is seriously annoyed after his cameraman followed him into the public restroom, continuing to broadcast it, resulting in the ban. of Twitch and the revocation of his E3 access badge.

Both times have finally released his long-awaited video of the event that was trying to explain his actions, jokingly accusing "hot diarrhea" of being at the origin of his multiple travels to bathroom.

youtube: drdisrespect

Dr. Disrespect attributed to "hot diarrhea" her multiple businesses in the bathroom at E3 2019.

His channel is still banned from the platform for an indefinite time, but it seems that his loyal subscribers will not let him hear the end of this debacle for a while, Doc confirming on Twitter that a new emote has been created.

Responding to an image of himself in the bathroom booth, he shared a glimpse of what he could expect in his conversation when he regained full control of his channel.

These new emotes will likely be available so that his fans can send spam to content that is close to their hearts in his Twitch chat, whenever he is allowed to return to the platform.

When will Dr. Disrespect be banned?

Twitch and Doc himself have not yet announced when his ban would end.

Despite the nature of the offense, it is unlikely that its channel will be permanently banned from the platform, given its previous track record and its tremendous success in recent years.

The reaction to the ban of the Doc has been mixed. Fortnite star Turner "Tfue" Tenney expressed his support for his banner mate by tweeting "Free @DrDisrespect" while Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Michael "Groudesiek" both agree that the suspension was fully justified.

However, the incident shows that Twitch will be no exception with the popular IRL streamers, including YouTuber Ethan "H3H3". Klein hopes Doc's ban can serve as a warning to other content creators.

It is likely that Doc will consider his advice and stick to the game in the future.

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