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Draft NBA 2019: Eight possible transactions to take place; Bradley Beal with Celtics or Pelicans?

With the blockbuster New Orleans pelicans send Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA's boring season is in full swing, with rumors of potential dealings everywhere – and this should continue with Thursday's plan, where we could see all kinds of movement. Zion Williamson is guaranteed to advance to first place in the repechage, while Ja Morant second in the Memphis Grizzlies and RJ Barrett third in the New York Knicks feel safe.

After that, look.

Here are five potential trades related to trafficking that would make sense for both sides:

1. New Orleans Spends Vacation in Phoenix for Sixth Choice

  • The suns get: Jrue Holiday
  • Pelicans receive: Josh Jackson, Mikal Bridges, T.J. Warren, choice # 6 in the 2019 project
  • Even more Suns, because, frankly, it's time for them to be a real team, and Holiday would do them too. I know that there is talk of Booker as an off-ball player who would benefit from a leader next to him and that Holiday is a two-guard beast too. But let's be realistic: these two types are obviously more than capable of initiating an offense and can fulfill this obligation. Deandre Ayton is a large trio that remains stuck in the foreseeable future.

    Meanwhile, the Pelicans enter a complete youthful movement after selling to Anthony Davis the No. 6 choice, which joins the No. 4 choice, as the flagship of this trade. Bridges the slot machines as a solid guy in 3 and D, with ideal size and versatility at both ends, and again, maybe Josh Jackson will make his appearance. Warren makes money work.

    2. Washington sends Beal to New Orleans

    The pelicans take the opposite and, instead of passing Holiday to the Suns to the youth movement, they add a star to Beal next to Holiday, which, along with Lonzo Ball, Zion Williamson and Josh Hart, and possibly Julius Randle , if the Pels can sign it again, looks very pretty good in the short term with still a pleiad of choice of the first round of Lakers and swaps of choice preserving the future, even if these choices end in 20 years .

    The Wizards, meanwhile, have a perspective as good as possible to Ingram, as well as the choice n ° 4 to accompany the choice n ° 9 that they already have. The reconstruction is in progress in a very interesting way.

    3. Boston Acquires Beal Under a Successful Contract

    Listen to me: The Celtics have an absolute stud at Beal, which keeps them as a legitimate team, whether Kyrie Irving stays or not – and maybe Beal strongly encourages Kyrie to stay. I know that the choice of 2020 Memphis is Boston's trump card for the crown trade, but it's a team ready to win now, and really, what better player than Beal will they get in an exchange? Boston's top six in the rotation looks like this: Kyrie or Terry Rozier, Beal, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Al Horford (assuming it's back, which is pretty sure to assume it if Boston remains a competitor).

    For the Wizards, you now have choices # 9 and # 22 in this year's project, and potentially two lottery picks in 2020 with your own choice and that of Memphis, which is protected among the top six. If this choice is not passed next year, it is not protected in 2021 and, at this point, with the ongoing reconstruction in Memphis, it could easily be among the top three choices. Five choices of lottery over the next three years is the best way to build your future under the weight of this enduring contract with John Wall.

    4. New Orleans acquires LaVine's Choice No. 7 in Chicago

    • Pelicans receive: Zach LaVine, No. 7 of choice in 2019
    • Bulls have: Brandon Ingram, Solomon Hill

    In this scenario, pelicans add choice # 7 to choice # 4 that they already own, as well as a ready-to-use marker at LaVine, which increases their punching power and their depth they're trying to create a short-term strategy. winning, or perhaps more likely, makes Jrue Holiday more usable for even more assets if they play the game in the long run.

    For Chicago, you have the best player / hope in the deal at Ingram, who still has tremendous potential in both directions – certainly more than you'll get in 7th place in this year's draft. Ingram, Lauri Markannen and Wendell Carter Jr. Solomon Hill have managed to make some money, but it will expire after next season.

    5. Cleveland goes down, trades first with Atlanta

    • Falcons get: No. 5 in the 2019 project
    • Riders receive: Choice # 10 in the 2019 project, choice # 17 in the 2019 project

    The Hawks have been closely tied to Jarrett Culver and Texas Tech, but it will likely not last until the eighth rank, Atlanta's top choice. Cam Reddish, who, according to a scout, told CBS Sports that he was "the most talented player in the repechage" at number 8. The Hawks can afford to swap two choices for a higher pick because they got the 2 for 1 contract last year during the Trae Young-Luka Doncic exchange.

    For the Cavs, everything is based on multiple assets. You do not win now. You go back and you have two first players to place next to Collin Sexton and build from there. Perhaps you can then explore Kevin Love's professions, to which we will return, to add another solid selection.

    6. Utah brings Conley to Memphis

    The Lakers are heading towards a top-ranked contender, but despite the Warriors' expected decline, the West is open and the Jazz are at an All-Star level to be a serious contender. Conley, a perfect fit alongside Donovan Mitchell and pick-and-roll partner Rudy Gobert, may be the best. With Conley, Mitchell, Joe Ingles, Jae Crowder and Gobert, Utah would have one of the best starting lineups in the league.

    For the Grizzlies, Dante Exum is the price. It was reported that this was the type they were asking when these two teams discussed an agreement with Conley at the trading deadline. Utah said no then, but we should reconsider now. To make money, Utah chooses Derrick Favors' $ 16.9 million team option before selling it, then expires next summer for Memphis. Grayson Allen and choice # 23 attract more young and positive players to the Grizzlies, who already have the No. 2 overall pick, where they should take Conley's place as leader Ja Morant.

    7. Phoenix acquires Conley from Memphis

    • The suns get: Mike Conley
    • Grizzlies get: Tyler Johnson, Josh Jackson and No. 6 chosen in 2019

    This deal may be even better for Phoenix than for Love, because Conley occupies exactly the position that the Suns need as a playmaker and is only valid for two years, so they feel that it's a good deal. he is nearing the end of his days at the All-Star level. . A starting lineup with Conley, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges and Deandre Ayton is great, and Phoenix would still have close to $ 20 million worth of space to capture one last piece that would make it a legitimate candidate in the playoffs. Memphis, meanwhile, now has choices # 2 and # 6 in this year's draft and maybe Josh Jackson will finally be available.

    8. Cleveland offers Love to Phoenix Choice # 6

    • The suns get: Kevin Love
    • The cavs get: Tyler Johnson, choice # 6 in the 2019 draft

    The Suns are essentially negotiating choice No. 6 for Kevin Love, which they would have under contract for the next four years, as well as Devin Booker and Ayton. It's a core that can grow for a Phoenix team that is going to have a hard time attracting fat free agents. Tyler Johnson is expected to start his last year with just under $ 20 million, which he will almost certainly do for the operation to work. Cleveland no longer has Love's money and holds selections # 5 and # 6 of this year's draft to truly launch her youthful move around Collin Sexton.


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