Draft of the American Football Alliance: Aaron Murray and Christian Hackenberg highlight the quarterfinals


The American Football Alliance begins its inaugural season in 74 days. Tuesday night, the league held its very first draft with protection or selection.

You can find an explanation of the draft rules below, followed by the results of the four rounds.

Draft rules

Dozens of players have already signed for the league's eight franchises, but the quarters are designated in the draft. Any quarterback already signed with the Alliance is eligible to be selected in the draft, which uses a "Protect or Choose" format. All signed quarterbacks are also awarded to the team closest to their college or the last NFL or CFL team prior to the draft.

The "Protect or Choose" method allows each team to protect an already assigned quarterback or choose another quarterback. If a team chooses to protect, it names the player to be protected as the first selection in the draft, but if they decide to choose, they wait for all the other teams to make their decision before choosing from the remaining pool of all the teams. quarterbacks available.

Tour 1

  1. San Diego fleet: Josh Johnson (protected)
  2. Atlanta Legends: Aaron Murray (protected)
  3. Memphis Express: Troy Cook (protected)
  4. San Antonio Commanders: Dustin Vaughan (Protected)
  5. Iron Birmingham: Luis Perez
  6. Arizona Hotshots: Trevor Knight
  7. Orlando Apollos: Garrett Gilbert
  8. Salt Lake Stallions: Josh Woodrum

2nd round

  1. San Diego Fleet: Mike Bercovici
  2. Birmingham Iron: Blake Sims
  3. Arizona Hotshots: John Wolford
  4. Orlando Apollos: Stephen Morris
  5. Atlanta Legends: Matt Simms
  6. Salt Lake Stallions: B.J. Daniels
  7. Memphis Express: Christian Hackenberg
  8. San Antonio Commanders: Marquise Williams

Round 3

  1. San Antonio Commanders: Logan Woodside
  2. Memphis Express: Brandon Silvers
  3. Salt Lake City Stallions: Austin Allen
  4. Atlanta Legends: Peter Pujals
  5. Apollos of Orlando: Austin Appleby
  6. Arizona Hotshots: Quinn McQueary
  7. Iron Birmingham: Scott Tolzien
  8. San Diego Fleet: Philip Nelson

Tower 4

  1. San Antonio Commanders: Dalton Sturm
  2. Memphis Express: Zach Mettenberger
  3. Salt Lake Stallions: Matt Linehan
  4. Atlanta Legends: Justin Holman
  5. Orlando Apollos: Kevin Anderson
  6. Arizona Hotshots: Jack Heneghan
  7. Birmingham Iron: Alek Torgersen
  8. San Diego fleet: Alex Ross

And in case you're wondering, here are the main coaches for each team:

  • Atlanta Legends: Brad Childress (Michael Vick is the coordinator of the offensive)
  • Arizona Hotshots: Rick Neuheisel
  • Birmingham Iron: Tim Lewis
  • Memphis Express: Mike Singletary
  • Orlando Apollos: Steve Spurrier
  • Salt Lake Stallions: Dennis Erickson
  • San Antonio Commanders: Mike Riley
  • San Diego Fleet: Mike Martz

Charlie Ebersol – the son of NBC executive Dick Ebersol and Vince McMahon's partner at the first stint of the XFL – announced last March that the American Football Alliance would debut on Feb. 9 2019 on CBS.

The young Ebersol, who directed ESPN's "30 for 30" documentary on the XFL, called on former NFL executive director Bill Polian to help oversee the league. Former Steelers security player, Troy Polamalu, will oversee the players and former USC star player, J.K. McKay will oversee the team. Advisors include former players Hines Ward and Justin Tuck, as well as Dick Ebersol.

"The American Football Alliance represents a fundamental shift in our approach to professional sport," said Charlie Ebersol. "We believe that fans and players are the most important thing, so our approach is simple: we have created an alliance where fans and players participate in the success of their teams."

"Players are committed to seeking the highest level of security and support as we continue to invest in their success off the field with post-football scholarships and bursary programs. be financial, "he continued. "With the expertise of Bill Polian and a management team of respected alumni and leaders from All-Pro, we are committed to delivering the best possible product in the field every day." of football, so that 2018 is the last year for fans, a six-month period without football. "

CBS will broadcast the league's first game on February 9, 2019, a week after the Super Bowl LIII on CBS. The network will also broadcast the championship game of the American Football Alliance on the last weekend of April 2019. A match of the regular season of the Alliance will also be broadcast exclusively on CBS Sports Network every week. You can see the complete AAF program here.

The league will have eight teams in Atlanta, Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio, Memphis, Birmingham, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. Each team will have 50 players each and will be built mainly by a regional draft. To differentiate the US Football Alliance from its competitors, there will be no waiting time for television and 60 percent fewer ads. Other differences will include the absence of kickoff and instead of side kicks, the fleeing team will receive the ball on its own 35-yard line against the fourth and tenth. touchdowns.


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