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Drag Racing scheduled for July | Jamestown Sun

"We will continue with the planning until they say no," said Mike Trautman, president of the Jamestown Drag Racing Association. "Our plans involve another part of the ground (from the airport), but we are still waiting to hear from the FAA."

The association was informed in May that its request for use of part of the runway by crosswind of the airport had not been approved. Katie Hemmer, director of the airport, said the FAA had denied the event because she had spent about $ 2.2 million last year to improve the runway. Landing where the drag races will take place.

Hemmer said the new plans provide for racing to be on a taxiway rather than a runway.

"This is still waiting with the FAA," said Hemmer. "They asked for additional information."

Trautman said the association was moving forward with planning and advertising so that people could plan for their participation in the event if it received approval of the revised FAA plan.

"We know that people have heard that we are not going to run the races and we are not sure of the impact this could have on our numbers," he said, referring to cars and spectators. participants. "We have to try.I know many people that this is the only race they come to."

The Jamestown Drag Racing Association has been organizing races at the Jamestown Airport for 17 years. In the past, the races have attracted no less than 330 cars and 1,100 spectators, explained Trautman in a Sun story in 2018 about the event.

Trautman said the passage from the runway to the taxiway was moving the races from the northeastern part of the airport to the southwest. Participants and spectators will no longer use the main entrance to the airport but will enter through a door located east of the terminal entrance, along Route 10 North.

"There is a lot more space there," he said.

While the Drag Racing Association has been racing at Jamestown Airport for 17 years, it is still working on the US Highway 281 bypass, north and west of Jamestown.

"We are waiting for the papers from the IRS," said Trautman. "As soon as we have this, we will begin to raise funds for a permanent track."

Trautman estimates that it will take between three and five years to raise the funds and build the new facility.

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