Dragon Age 4 will be reborn from the ashes


As a phoenix rising from its ashes, BioWare's next game in Dragon Age will reborn from the dust and bones of Anthem's failing infrastructure. But is it a blessing or a curse?


Making games is never a simple process. Developers typically draw on previous games and browse everything they've done before to create new titles, including animations, technical changes, lights, textures, and effects. Like the games that preceded it, Dragon Age 4 will also iterate and share key similarities with his predecessor (in this case, the hymn troubled). But with Anthem's list of errors and failures, this could be somewhat alarming.

To understand how this could affect future games, we need to inspect the present. They actually broke the iteration formula used by BioWare for years, making things pretty difficult for his team.

according to The massive exposure of Kotaku on the troubled development of AnthemBioWare has built most of the Anthem Stripes. Frostbite, an engine notorious for its complexity and specifically designed for FPS games, has forced BioWare to spend many years of hard work adapting the technology to deeper RPGs such as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mass Effect: Andromeda . But most of these advances have not been used with Anthem.

The new intellectual property was a new beginning that resulted in a special hell for development.

The report also states that the new Dragon Age is built on the basis of Anthem code. More fresh start – this time, BioWare will return to its iteration methods. This could be a precarious and rather curious position for the BioWare role-playing series.

It is rather strange to see a game primarily known for its one-player role-playing mechanics built on a framework for an online shooter and loot game only. But why use the code base of Anthem and not that of Dragon Age: Inquisition? After all, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a sprawling, sprawling, single-player fantasy adventure that delivers what gamers expect from the show.

Could this Dragon Age 4 index be a monetized live game with disordered micro-transactions and engagement cycles? BioWare has already expressed interest in bringing "live storytelling" to Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. This is alarming because BioWare does not know how to handle specific live games and I think Dragon Age is not suitable as an online title only.


The conceptual art of the prototype of the original Dragon Age 4 game was teased in 2015. It was finally restarted with the Rise of the Dread Wolf teaser that we see today.

In addition, the rather turbulent development of Anthem is to be taken into account.

One of the main reasons why Anthem is so disastrous today because it was an even bigger nest of rats in development. It's not just frostbite that has confused things. BioWare suffered (and would still suffer) from a lack of cohesion that saw far too many ambitions exposed on a table to which they could not follow through.

No, it's not necessarily Anthem itself that will affect Dragon Age 4 negatively, but BioWare's own management that could cause serious damage.

Jason Schreier from Kotaku reports that Dragon Age 4 has already been restarted once. The project we have now, Rise of the Dread Wolf, is different from the game Mark Darrah was working on years ago. The reboot even saw Mike Laidlaw changes ship after 14 years with the company.

Again, maybe I'm looking too far. Perhaps Dragon Age 4 will use the bulk of the Inquisition technology, including party systems, skill trees, course and third – person sequencing, and borrow from the best elements of the game. Anthem, including motion capture and others. After all, Anthem offers one of the most beautiful and spectacular worlds I have ever seen in the game.and the fight, the effects and the overall visual style are incredible.

It is strange that when I first played at Anthem, I had a lot of hope for the next Dragon Age. I did not immediately see a big future for Anthem, but the next BioWare games. The visuals and environments of Anthem were so mystical that I had the impression of playing a Dragon Age / Mass Effect crossover.

Dragon Age 4 could use the universal textures, atmospheric effects and enchanting graphics of Anthem.

The use of existing technologies will also make things easier for BioWare. Developers can leverage Anthem's engine, tool sets, effects, and other technologies to create Dragon Age 4 instead of undergoing the soul-wrecking process of another Frostbite reset. But I'm still curious if the new Dragon Age will use Inquisition technology. If not why?

With all this in mind, it's an exciting future for Dragon Age. It may be a live game or a single player game with optional multiplayer similar to Mass Effect 3, Andromeda and DA: Inquisition. This may merge everything BioWare has already done with the use of Anthem's advanced technology, and leave out the messy and confusing elements of the scene.

With his next game, BioWare has the opportunity to apply all lessons learned from Anthem. According to Kotaku's report, these lessons were not learned lightly and the live service game had an extremely negative effect on the team.

A former dev told Kotaku: "There are things that have to change in the running of this studio, there are lessons to be learned and the only way to learn them is that they become public."

Whatever BioWare does with Dragon Age 4, I hope that they will regain their light. The studio has had two big gaps at once (first with Mass Effect: Andromeda, and now with Anthem), and fans and developers are feeling the weight.

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