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Drake shares the art 'Daddy' of Son Adonis for Father's Day


Love Ya, Champagne & # 39; Papa & # 39; …

Gift of His Adonis?!?

16/06/2019 12:28 PM PDT

Duck seems to give people a rare glimpse of his life as a father … shares what looks like a gift from his baby for Father's Day.

Drizzy posted Sunday a photo of a piece of art with splattered paint on a stenciled "PAPA" lettering. He subtitled his picture, "Happy Father's Day". The gift is almost certainly from his one year old son, Adonis, that he shares with the French model Sophie Brussaux.

This would not be the first time Drake would share some of Adonis' art on social networks. During the holidays, he posted a photo of a hand print painted by his son. At the time, he said that Adonis was bigger than Picasso … and seemed to be a proud proud for her.

As we reported … Drake was brag about his boy to friends and family since the birth of Sophie. He had a strong parenting relationship with her too, sometimes sending private jets so she and Adonis can fly to see him … as much as possible.

Drake does not live with Sophie or Adnois – we are told that her work schedule does not allow it. He makes Facetime the child every day … so they really have a relationship.

Our sources Drake also told us that Sophie exhibited Adonis to multiple languages ​​and the arts – the proof is clearly in the painting of these.

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