Driver in the fatal accident of California home was warned of the weather


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By Associated press

LOS ANGELES – A federal preliminary report indicates that the pilot whose plane crashed and crashed into a Southern California home was warned before takeoff that he was prepared in bad weather.

The two-page report from the National Transportation Safety Board released Thursday does not explain why the Cessna was separated in full flight in the afternoon of Feb. 3. The investigation into the cause of an accident usually takes several months.

The pilot Antonio Pastini died with four people on shore when the wreck hit and set fire to a house in the suburb of Yorba Linda, south of Los Angeles.

The NTSB said that officials at the Fullerton Municipal Airport informed pilots that the rainy formation required the switch from sight navigation to instrument – assisted navigation. The report does not say whether Pastini went to instrument navigation.

The accident occurred a few minutes after takeoff.


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