DriveSavers Enables Consumers to Recover Data from Locked iOS Devices for $ 3,900 [Updated]

DriveSavers announced today the launch of a new consumer service, designed to unlock iOS devices from customers who forgot their PIN, blocked after too many incorrect entry attempts, or need to log in. access data stored on the device of a deceased family member.

DriveSavers claims to use a "new proprietary technology" to recover data from password-locked devices, a service formerly reserved for law enforcement agencies and inaccessible to the average consumer.

The technology used by DriveSavers to access device data is not known. It can be a feature that allows you to guess code or be associated with iCloud data. The company then suggests retrieving data such as photos, videos, contacts, text messages, voice recordings and notes.

The service is announced for Android, Windows, BlackBerry and iOS devices. It is therefore difficult to recover all the information that DriveSavers can recover from an iPhone or an iPad.

Law enforcement agencies have long used hacking software and data recovery devices to access locked iPhone devices. The best known recovery method put forward in recent months is the GrayKey box, which brutally forces the authentication code on an iOS device with the help of a proprietary jailbreaking software. The GrayKey would have been disabled with iOS 12, but DriveSavers could use a similar device or a similar unlocking method.

GrayKey iPhone cracking box, via MalwareBytes

Government agencies also have the ability to request data from iCloud directly from Apple, but this method is probably not available to DriveSavers for consumer data recovery requests.

The Code Code Locked Data Recovery service is for standard customers only. DriveSavers says it will not unlock devices intended for law enforcement or other government agencies. Before unlocking a device, DriveSavers checks the property "at all stages of the recovery process" and requires a legal authorization form allowing customers to provide specific information before data access is provided. .

DriveSavers does not provide pricing for its code lock data recovery service, and suggests interested people to call the company for more information.

Update: DriveSavers has provided MacRumeurs with additional information on its unlock service for iPhone. The company is able to completely unlock the iPhone and return the unlocked device to the owner. An option also allows you to save phone data to an external device. DriveSavers is not able to provide any other information about its unlocking methods.

The service is not cheap and costs around $ 3,900. DriveSavers also uses strict identification protocols, which in some cases require documents that include death certificates, probate documents, court documents, and so on. DriveSavers indicates that most people use this service to access data stored on the device of a deceased loved one.

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