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Clay Blusher Clay Stix by Bewitched Beauty?

This clay stick is not your ordinary makeup stick. It's meant to not only make you look good and feel good.
Benefits of natural skin:
✔Nourish the skin with its high mineral content.
✔ Helps eliminate excess oil.
✔Stimulate the circulation
✔ Removes dead cells
✔ Clogged pores
✔Improve the elasticity of the skin

Ingredients: Castor oil. Sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, bee wax, soy wax, kaolin clay / mineral clay, iron oxide and vitamin E.

All natural. Safe for children, teenagers, sensitive skin, pregnant and lactating moms. Very pigmented Very practical, quality and affordable.

From the brand of "1 ALL ALL BLUSH CLAY NATURAL" ✔?
Omes is in 4 beautiful colors
EachBalefire Peach
Karmic UnchPunch
Al Coral of Astral
IckMagick Choco
& 30g

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